The Big Day

This is my first movella so please just let me know what you think and maybe ill start to right more. Also its really short! i hope you like it and Its a story about your wedding day. Oh ya and your marrying Harry Styles ;) Also if you would like me to write you a short imagine like this i would be happy to. Just leave me your name which One Direction boy you want it to be with, a short description of yourself personality wise, and what you want it to be about and i will try to do everybodys in a new movella called "imagine one direction!" okay love you all!


1. The Big Day!

Today was the big day, the day that you would remember forever. Your wedding day. You look at the big wooden church doors ahead of you and examine them. You take in every detail of every little splinter on the rough edges of the old doors. Suddenly the splinters blurred. Oh no you promised yourself that you wouldn't cry. you blink back the tears and look at your reflection in the door knob. Any moment you were going to walk through those doors engaged and then walk out married. You hear the music playing. You knew that was your cue to walk down the isle. Your stomach starts doing back flips. Your dad walks up beside you and gives you a reassuring smile as he links his arm with yours. Suddenly the doors that you had looked at so closely swung open and all your insecurities came flooding into your brain. "what if i trip?" "what if my makeup smears?" these were just two of the things that had been racking in your head for weeks. You looked down the long isle lined with all your favorite flowers. Rows of your closest friends and family stood and smiled as you took your first steps towards your new life. you wore a  white satin wedding gown with a sweet heart neckline that you fell in love with just 8 months ago. To your right you saw your 4 best friends in their bridesmaid dresses smiling at you while your maid of honor gave you a thumbs up. To the left you saw the grooms men, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn all giving you a wink at the same time. You chuckled, but then you saw him. The love of your life. You took in all his features. His curly hair, dimples and gorgeous green eyes that you fell in love with so long ago, all your nerves disappeared just as quickly as they came. Your fathers strong grip is the only thing keeping you from running down the isle into your fiances waiting arms. It is in this exact moment that you realize that your are making the right decision. You finally reach the end of the isle as your father joins yours and Harry's hands. Harry flashes you his perfect smile and you feel your knees go weak. You suck in a shaky breath. The minister rambles on about something your not sure of. All you can think about is how at any moment you will be Mrs.Styles. People would kill for that title, but no, you were the one harry fell in love with and you couldn't be happier. Then you hear those words. Those oh so special words that will bind you and harry as a happy couple forever. "You may kiss the bride." says the minister. Harry pulls you close and passionately kiss you. Your lips fit perfectly together. Sparks fly inside of you. It feels like the first time all over again. You remember that warm day in July where you and Harry had your first kiss. You were both just 16 years old. It takes you a while to notice people clearing their throats in the church. Harry chuckles as he pulls you off of him. "I know pronounce you Husband and wife!" smiles the Minister. Everyone cheered and you couldn't be any happier to finally be able to say your Mrs. Styles.

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