Dead Space

Alice is a relatively average sixteen year old, except she has schizophrenia. Her life in the orphanage school is weird. Sometimes her life isn't even really.. life. Her life gets overly dull sometimes, like dead space.


1. Hidden Away

        “She screamed ,a harsh, empty sound in the silence. The cliff beneath tumbled away in little bits, faster than anyone could comprehend. She was falling…falling…falling." Alice woke from the sound of a yelp of pain. She had fallen on top of Kat, who was sitting next to her on the soccer bench.


   “Sorry”, Alice mumbled as she sat back up. Kat groaned as Coach rushed over for the third time that week.


        “What in tarnation happened, Alice??” Coach Henderson spat.


        “I fell asleep again...” Alice weakly cried, looking away.


     Alice got up and ran as fast as she could when Coach Henderson got distracted with Leah who screamed over a little beetle. Alice ran until she felt her lungs squeeze. She somehow ended up here every time she ran. It was a small clearing with a large creek in the middle of a forest. She had no clue how she got there, or how she ever got back. Her mind became thoughtless when she got there. No one ever found her, not even Kat. There she could write and draw and even think about her illnesses. She was diagnosed with depression along with her schizophrenia. She had been diagnosed at age five when a tragic accident happened. What that was, she never seemed to remember. When she finally decided to walk to back to Fair Hope’s Home for the Lost and Mental, Alice realized what would probably happen. Someone would report her to Head Mistress again and she would be put on probation from the outdoors. Sadly enough, she didn't care anymore. Every time she stepped outside she would drift in to her own personal world, more like sleep as Kat would say. But there was where she found out all her deep, lost secrets... As she walked past the Boys’ Dormitory the snickered and laughed. Apparently everyone did, except for Kat. Alice finally entered the Girls Dormitory and practically flew to the third floor, where she lived. Alice grabbed her photo book and flipped to page thirteen. It was all of her and her parents.

          “Ooh. Alice has her mommy and daddy out!!” Shannon half giggled half whispered to Elena.

           “She must feel sad today”, Elena snickered back.

             The girls burst into laughter as if they were in a comedy show’s audience. When people joked about Alice’s life she just wanted to disappear like the Cheshire cat in Alice and Wonderland. Her life was just like the book in a more realistic way. No one noticed her, no one cared, and no one bothered. She shoved her book away in her secret hiding spot, her dresser drawer. Just because nobody touched her clothes or let alone looked at them.

             Alice quickly pulled on her hoodie and Chuck Taylor’s then went back outside. Her walk ended abruptly when Kat and Tracy ran over to explain the supposed good news.


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