A daughter's journey

this girl name is kaley she moved from gorgia to canada and she is 15 years old and she is nice but she speaks her opinion when she wants to her she meets this guy justin at her new school in canada


1. At my new house in canada

 me and my mom just got off the plane, and we are going to get our sucase, and we are going are going to rent a car till my mom can afford one. we got into the car and i ask my mom how far the house is because when i was in school my mom came here, and bought the house, and she looked at me and said about an hour away. so a hour went by and she finally turned into a drive way, and i looked at the house, and it was beautiful, and i looked at my mom, and asked her if it was our house, and she said yes. i asked her for the key to the house, and she gave me my own set of keys to the house i unlocked the door, and went in, and it was already furnished it was huge on the inside. i walked in the living room the floor was brown, and the couches were dark brown the walls are brown.i walked into the kitchen, and the walls were green with designs on them. i walked into the first bedroom and it was my mom's room so i walked out, and walked into the next bedroom, and it was my bedroom i was so happy because my walls were blue, and so was my dresser it was so awsome and, my mom walked in, and askedme what i think of my room, and i told her i loved it. and there were posters of my favorite singers, and my favorite characters. my mom asked asked me what we were going to do for my birthday it is july 6th, and i told her to lets have a girl day, and she said ok. i went on to my computer and listen to music, and my mom made dinner, and then we went to bed .

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