The Boy

Sabby Moore is just an Australian girl. A girl that has a lot to deal with. She is constantly bullied and tormented, her mother is a drunk with abusive boyfriends and Sabby can't take it anymore. She starts to have suicidal thoughts. When everything seems to be getting worse and worse... she joins a website and begins talking to a boy. But when this boy reveals who he is, will Sabby believe him? Can he show her what it means to smile?


1. Scream




I dip beneath the warm soapy water and let out a scream. I was desperate to let out all of the thoughts, emotions and anger bundled up inside of me. It was burning to get out. I resurface and wipe the soap from my eyes. Black smudges of mascara stain my finger-tips. I pull out the plug from the bath and watch as the water swirls hypnotically down the drain. I wish I could do that; escape. I shiver, not from the cold, but from something else. I slowly climb out of the bath tub and wrap a towel around my slim body. I change into a pair of shorts and a vest-top; the warm Australian air clinging to my skin. I edge open the bathroom door and step across the hall to my room. I close the door and my curtains; leaving the window open. I sit cross-legged on my bed and pull my wet long blond hair into a messy bun. I switch on my laptop and wait for the website to load. 
"Hey! How was your day? X" 
I smile at his simple message that had such a deeper meaning. 
"Not too good, got tripped up in the halls but oh well. Only one more month until I never have to see any of them again X." 
I press the send button and sigh. I had been messaging this boy for about a year now. When the bullying and depression first started, I felt so low that I was having suicidal thoughts. I found a website one night that connected people anomalously  I was put with some extremely strange people at first. Asking me where I lived and what school I went to. I was about to delete my account when I got put with Randomboy1994 We clicked immediately; he quickly became the only one I could turn to when I felt down. Which was practically all the time. I stare at the screen; waiting for his reply. 
"Sabby!" My mother calls up the stairs. She must be sober. She remembers my name. I look one last time at the computer screen before rushing out of the door. I stand at the top of the stairs looking down as my mum glares at me from the bottom. 
"Jeff made dinner," She barks before  dissapearing into the kitchen. I resist the urge to roll my eyes. Jeff was the latest in my mother's string of boyfriends. 




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