My Brother's Best Friend

Every girl has a perfect guy in mind. Her’s just happens to be her brother’s best friend.

Have you ever loved two boys at once, and they loved you back?

Melanie Andrews has a crazy life. She’s fatherless, her mom is never home, and her brother won’t even look in her direction.

Melanie has also been in love with her brother’s best friend, Ethan, for two years now.

Lately, Ethan has shown a liking towards Melanie, and she’s thrilled. However, everything seems to be getting in the way—her brother Jacob, Alex, and then comes Tyler.

While at summer camp, Melanie meets Tyler. They instantly click, and Melanie knows she’s growing some feelings for him.

But then things get more twisted when she realizes she loves two boys, and they love her back.

Who will she pick, when her feelings for them are strong, intense, and so real?


1. Prologue

"Dude, you can't like her. Not like that, anyway."

"I can't control my feelings, Jacob. It just happened!" 

I stood outside my brother's bedroom door, my arms folded. My ear was pressed up against the wooden door. I refused to leave from this spot until I learn  who Ethan, Jacob's best friend, was talking about. 

"Ethan! She is a year younger than you!" Jacob practically shouted. I could almost hear him crack his knuckles. It was what he always did when he was either mad or frustrated. 

"Coming from the guy that dated my cousin! She was a year younger than you!" Ethan replied, raising his voice as well.

"You were okay with that and you know it!" Jacob told Ethan. 

It was true. Jacob had dated Ethan's cousin, Leah, about six months ago. But, their mothers didn't like that idea, so they had to break it off.

"Yes, I was. So why can't you accept that I like your sister!" Ethan yelled. I froze at his words. I was Jacob's only sister. Ethan liked me? 

"She is my sister! And, you're my best friend! That's not right!" 

"Well, I don't care. I'm going to ask her out," Ethan said. I heard him get up, and walk towards the door. 

I quickly went into my room, then came out, acting like I had just entered the hallway. 

My brother's best friend likes me. 

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