Kiss You

The story is about a 17 year old girl called Chloe that loves Niall Horan.She is deeply in love so she decided to go to the one direction concert and goes backstage.What will happen next?Better read it to know!


1. Shoking idea Chloe's p.o.u


 One day Chloe woke up with a shock. She shouted "Mam!"but she didn't answer.She went out of bed and walked to the door."aaaaahhhhh!"she screamed."I thought you wern't afraid of anything!?"said her dad with a scary mask on."Why did you call?"I just had a shoking dream that something happend to Niall on stage!"she said."Are you still thinking about that friend of yours?"dad said.Niall was Chloe's old friend that she loved but not as a friend.Niall was her friend since she was born because she was born in a desame hospital.They liked nearely the same things like nandos or eating or eating in nandos.Her dad didn't like niall so much but he had to if Chloe did and he knew she loved him but he cept it a secret for his doughter."OK I know you like him like you know like a boyfriend but maybe he already forgot about you honey ok"her dad said.Then her mother came in and asked what is all that fus all about?"Niall"said Chloe."I just love him ok.He is to cute and his hair is so pretty"she continud.OH huney we love you and you know but you can't have everything you want like niall or even one direction."said her mum.Her mum didn't like the whole band even Niall but she didn't know that Chloe loves Niall.Then her dad told Chloe's mother to come out of the room to talk to her.Her dad said"Chloe loves Niall so don't be mean .Ok."he said."I know she likes him he was her best friend."her mother said."But you don't understand.She loves him as a boyfriend but did not tell him yet."dad said.Then they came back to Chloe's room.While they were talking Chloe came up with a great idea." can we go to Niall's house?"Chloe asked."But he can be anywhere or in a different country so we can't find him  darling ok."said her mam."But I still have Niall's number and I can call him and ask where he is and everyone will be happy ok dad."Chloe said.When she picked her phone she quickely ran to the bathroom and closed the door and then she rang to Niall and  he really picked the phone.   Chloe "EMMMM hi its me Chloe your old friend.  Niall  "Hi is it  really you Chloe?  Chloe "Yes its. me I just rang you to ask where are you and can we come.  Niall  "I m in England and yes you can come to see me and the boys they'l be happy to see you and you can stay in our room in the hotel.I think the boys will allow you. Will you boys?  "Yes" the boys said to the phone.Then they talked about an hour and ended the call.She came to her perants and told them everything.Her perants were in a shock when they herd that they have to go to England in a car."But if we go in a car it will take two days of our life."her perants said."Then we will go in the aeroplane and it will be quicker ok."Chloe said.They talked about it all day but they had to give up and go to England.So the next day they packet up while mam was getting the tickets.Chloe's bag didn't want to close so she had to sit on it and even jump on it until it closed.When they were at the airport Chloe rang to Niall to tell him that her perants let her go.They  were in a hurry but were on time.They were in the aeroplane and Chloe slept the whole way and she arived in England.


       A letter from the author


    I know I just started writing but if you really read my book I will be very happy

   and I will write a chapter each day.                          Thank u.

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