One With The Forest

A girl lives in the woods behind my house.


1. The Woods

The girl of blue swung down from the tree branch and onto the ground. Her feet hit the earth with a quiet thud; barely audible if it weren't for the crispy leaves below on the forest floor. She was light as a feather, her arms slightly spread out and her feet almost on her tip toes, as if she were a bird about to take flight. Face tilted downward she lifted her crystal blue eyes to meet mine and flashed me a yellow smile. Mud and dirt splattered her face, scars marked her skin and a tangle of twigs and greenery were entangled in her long, curly, brown hair that brushed her waist. Her nose was slightly upturned and twitched like a bunny's. A baggy sky blue dress hung off her shoulders. It was plain and slightly too large for her with tears and rips up the seams. Her minute waist was envelope by the material; malnutrition and hunger had eaten away at her flesh. And yet her face was still lit up with excitement and joy, as if she couldn't feel her own weakness. 

She took a step towards me; so close i could see the cracks on her lips. "Aren't you going to say hello?" 

I must have looked so out of place in my bright red duffle coat and blue beret. This girl, however, seemed to blend in seamlessly, as if she was a part of the forest herself; I had walked through this forest many times before and I hadn't even noticed her until now. "Urm, hi I guess."

I stumbled away, back the way I came. My hands were numb from the late winter air, so I shoved them in the pockets of my coat. A girl lived in the woods behind my house. She stood as if February's teeth didn't gnaw on her, cold-blooded. I turned back to see her. Tilting her head slightly to the right, she continued to wave in my direction; her arms so skinny that I could barely make them out from just a few strides away. 

The floor beneath me was uneven with decomposing leaves and thick tree roots that arced out from the earth. I lost my footing whilst still staring into the girls eyes and I tumbled down onto the ground. Fire skimmed across my palms and over my knees. I felt the warmth of blood stick to the inside of my leggings. Embarrassment seeped colour into my face, which was already pink from the winter chill. Still lying on the floor I quickly glanced back to the girl, her face looked concerned and she began to approach me. "Minnie, are you alright?" I ran back home. 

How did she know my name? 

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