Won't Let You Go

Savanha wouldn't call her a belieber. She don't like him so much, he sounds so selfish and mean. But when Savanhas 'perfect' family seperates and she's moving to Statford with her mom, she becames Neighbour with him! She starts to like him more and more. The first day at the house she learn to know Justin, but when she comes home her phone rings and everything change from perfect to misserble!

~Read Won't let you go' to find out how she is going to clear to both love and break hearts.~

This is my first story, hope you like it.
P.s. sorry for bad English i come from Sweden


1. introduction

My name is Savanha Moore ,17 years old, i have long dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I live in Ontario whit my mom, Daisy. My father, Sam. My two twin brothers, Justin and Blake. We live in a resedantial area. We are that 'happy family' in all that movies with happy ending, that family that everyones will be a part of,  they think, we aren't that perfect family. Mom and Dad are working night just as much as they working on the day. I've practically raised Justin and Blake. But enough of my family. My story haven't been told yet, but it's gonna be told. Right here, right now

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