Love Story

This is about two flatmates and best friends that finally get tickets to see One Direction and fall in love, but will their love last.....


1. Tickets


Bethany's POV


My name is Bethany, I'm 17 years old and I live with my bertie Libby who's 16 and a half. It's the summer, YAY, time for shopping sprees, tanning and One Direction. Me and Libby met in the living room to dicuss our plans for the holidays.

"So, what shall we do over the summer?" quizzed Libby

"Well, this could be our only chance to see our fave boy band seeing as they are singing at the O2 tomorrow." I replied

"Get your arse on that damn laptop and book some tickets!" Libby demanded

"Ok, ok, I'm logging on right now" I spluttered "Look here Libby theres two front row seats available."

"QUICK shut up and pay!" Libby screached

It was settled, two front row seats were ours tomorrow to see One Direction, at a whopping £520.50 between us.

"wont we need some killer outfits aswell?" I asked

"SHOPPING SPREE!" Libby shouted


Authors note : work in progress will update and add chapters ASAP

A bertie is a bit more than a bestie in case you didn't know -x-

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