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Hi guys this is my first fan-fic so please no hate cause haters gonna hate. Anyway getting onto the point: Aria apears to be an ordanary girl but actualy her dad hated her ever since her mum died when she was 13. One night she tries to escape she runs to a local park and she bumps into this guy anyway i wont tell you the rest other wise I'll spoil it but hope enjoy


14. Lets do this

*Harry's POV*

I woke up with Amber (the girl I saved) sleeping in my arms. This felt so right. "wake up love" I whispered in her ear. "huh? oh morning Harry"

"do you want to get something to eat?" I asked seeing as I was unbelievably hungry.

"yeah sure I'm really hungry"

We walked down to the cafeteria when Amber said she was feeling dizzy.

"no harry I think I'm gonna...." she said falling over.

"AMBER! nurse come quick" I yelled.

"this is bad this is very bad" one of the nurses said.

"what's bad?!" I said alarmed.

"we didn't tell her she can be cured which she can but in no way she has enough money and if she blacks out again......." I could guess the rest but I am not going to loose her.

"I'll pay for it"

"how your only what 17 how are you going to pay for it?"

I just laughed. "my dad is a billion air put it that way" I said.

she nodded. "Ok you give us the money we will cure her but it will take 3 months."

"ok but don't tell her just say your running tests when you do what ever you do." I wanted to surprise her with this.

they took her into a room where they gave her all kinds of shots and needles.

ok how are you gonna tell your dad you need 5 thousand dollars? my mind kept on saying. tell him the truth. but you've only just met her. ugh this is so confusing.

I got my phone out of my pocket to call me dad.

*H = Harry D = Des (Harry's dad)

D "hello?"

H "hey dad"

D "oh hey harry"

H "um I need to borrow some money"

D "sure son how much?"

H "umm five thousand"


H "my friend has cancer and she needs it she's about to die"

D "no way you are not using my money"

*call ended*

I sat down on the chair that was next to me and just started to cry

"how will I do this?" I sobbed.

"I GOT IT" I yelled which made everyone stare at me.

I awkwardly got up and went to go ask the doctor if I could have five days to get the money.


*An hour of boring descutions with the nurse*

she finally agreed now I'm gonna go ask the boys for help.

I got to Aria's room were they were talking.

"boys I need help" I practically yelled.

"what is it mate?" Liam asked. god he seemed so much happier.

"well you know Amber?" I asked.
"Yeah?" Zayn replied.

"well she can be cured but we need five thousand dollars for her to be fully cured. we have five weeks so I was thinking Zayn and Niall you go sing and play guitar on one side of London and me and Liam will go on the other." I said.


I told the boys and They slowly took in the information. "I'm in" Niall said. "me to" me three"

"well lets get this party started" I said rubbing my hands together.



Before we went to the city we got Niall and Liam's guitars so they could play. we also got to hats to put the money in and two signs saying. 'please give money to save our friends life'

Liam started playing a song me and the boys wrote its called little thing.


we got to our stop after we dropped Niall and Zayn off. we started to sing little things.


Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me but bear this in mind it was meant to be as I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on you cheeks and it all makes sense to me.


I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile you've never loved your stomached or your thighs the dimples in your back at the bottom on your spine but I love them endlessly.


I wont let this little things slip out of my mouth but its true its you its you they ad up to and I'm In love with you and all your little things..

by now we had a big, big crowed so I got out the sign and the hat and put it in front of us while Liam was singing the next verse.


*Aria's POV*

it had been 10 minutes since the boys had left and I was so bored. I got up and walked to Louis's bed and held his hand.

"Louis if you can hear me please please wake up I need you here you are my everything my reason to  be"

one of my tears fell onto his hand then I heard the heart monitor next to me. his heart was getting stronger.

"you-you can hear me!" I yelled/whispered.

I crashed my lips into his but then I felt his moving as well.

I opened my eyes to see his bright... blue...magical eyes staring into mine. he was crying but they were happy tears "I Love you Aria"

"I love you to boo bear" I started crying as well.

"come here" he said giving me a hug.

"I missed you" I said into his chest.

"I missed you to"

"I'm gonna go get the nurse" I said getting up.

"wait" he said just as I got to the door.


"one more Kiss?" he asked.

I ran up to him and kissed him it was magical.

I got a nurse and she said he can walk around and stuff.

than the nurse that said they were going to help Amber came in.

she said she is doing fine but she isn't allowed to get up. "oh and miss can we bake cookie or something in the cafeteria to make money?" I asked cause I really wanted to make some money to help her.

"hmm we don't usually but ok"

"thank you so much"

After I explained everything that had happened while Louis was in a comer we went down and met nurse sue who was the nurse that said we could babe cookies to sell.



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