Run Away Love

Makayla, Abreeanah, Savannah, meet the love of there lives. What they don't know is that it all has a twist and that not everything goes as planed. Love, disappointment, broken hearted, are some of the emotions these 3 girls feel. There friendship is put on the line. Love is beautiful until you have to choose to be happy or make everyone else happy.


10. Kayla's P.O.V

-I'm sorry I left Harry its just well she needed someone to talk, and well like Savannah wasn't going to be there, that why I had to.

-Don't worry love, its okay. But tonight, lets go do something! Lets go out!. He said

-Sure, where? I asked

-Ice skating?

-Umm, Harry I don't know how to! I said unsecured

-Its okay love ill show you. he said

-Okay, but you cant let me fall. I demanded

-I wont babe, I promise.

-Okay so let me get ready and ill call you when I'm done. I said

-Sure thing babe, and ill pick you up? he asked

-Yea, if you want. I said

-Okay I will.

-Okay bye.

-Bye love. he said

I went to take a quick shower. After that I went to my closet and didn't fined nothing to wear. But without thinking about it, I just grabbed the first thing I saw and throw it on.

It was a Sheer color cream Lace Top with a Cami underneath, some dark blue jeans with brown flats and my favorite brown purse. With my hair up in a messy bun with my heart earrings and I put some dark eye liner and lipstick   and I was done.

-Hey, Harry, umm done.

-Okay love, I 'm on my way.

A few minutes later he was in front of my house.

-MOM! I'M LEAVIING, OKAY? I told my mom

-Yea, sure, have fun! She screamed


-Hey babe! Harry said while opening the car door

-Hi Harry!

-You look absolutely gorgeous

-Thanks hon. I said shyly

-You know, you let without saying goodbye.

-Goodbye! I said laughing

-You're funny. But we all know that's not how you say goodbye.

-Oh I'm sorry. I said while pulling him in for  gently but passionately kiss.

-There! I said pulling away. You got you're Hello and Goodbye kiss.

-thank you! he said laughing while turning on the car.

-Okay, so you told me you don't know how to skate? What kind of American doesn't know how to skate?

-This American, and I'm half puertorican, so that probably why I don't know how to skate.

-Woah, you're puertorican?

-Yup! I said happily

-Okay so if you're puertorican, what are you doing all the way in California?

-Umm, well after my parents got divorce mu mom decided to leave over here, and i guess she liked it over here and so we stood!

-Oh, ok, its a good thing you stood. He said

-And why is that? I asked him

-Cause, if you would've left, I would've never meet


-That is true.

-Were here! Harry said

When i opened the door Harry closed it really quick and said :

-I want to do this right.! He said while getting out of he car  and opening my door and helping me getting out of the car.

-Thanks Harry. I said smiling

-Your welcome babe. he said smiling back

We walked towards the entrees an it was full of paparazzi and fan's


-Who's that Harry? Is that you're new girlfriend? Cause if it is she is hideous.  Another fan said

Harry came behind me and whispered

-Don't listen to them. You're beautiful to me and that all that matter's . he said

I took a deep breath ad kept on walking like nothing had ever happened. When we got in there was lots of people, but none of them were crazy has the ones outside.

The place was crazy huge it had rollerblading, ice skating, bowling, and they played lost of good song's


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