Brooklyn's life

Brooklyn's life.


2. On the Road

I almost fell to the floor. It was Lucas and his ex-girlfriend Madison. They were taking there pants off by the time I was there. Lucas saw me and I could tell he was really drunk. He said "I'm so sorry, it was really dark and I thought she was you!" I ran down the hall. Starr and Ethan were making out in the hall and they both came running, Lucas grabbed his shirt and came running. Starr could barely walk so instead of running outside she sat on the couch. Ethan came outside running after me. "Are you alright?", he said. Tearing up I said, "I'm fine." "Brooklyn, I mean Brook, I know when your upset. Talk to me." "I said I'm fine." He grabbed my shoulder and looked me in the eye and said, "What the hell happened, I'll kick his ass if he hurt you." I told him what happened. I popped the pills Starr gave me earlier to ease the pain. He grabbed one out of my hand and said, "What is this?" "Starr gave it to me, to help." He popped it in his mouth and said, "What does it taste like, grape or orange?" We laughed, then he offered to drive me home. I said sure. He knew Starr would be ok because her brother was there and she would probably crash there. While we were driving home his car got a flat tire. We decided to stay a while because someone had to go bye. I said, "Sorry about the flat." "It's fine, I knew it was low anyway." Then there was an awkward silent pause. I looked at him, he was already looking at me. We leaned into eachother and kissed. We kissed so much, that eventually it tuened into lowering the seats and losing our shirts. Then it happened. Bye bye virginity. He had protection in one of his compartments so it was safe. We left the warning lights on incase someone came by. As we were laying there underneath our jackets, that we used as blankets, a car came by and the passengers got out. I heard them talking and there voices sounded familiar. As they got closer I realized who they were..

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