Short songs I've written


1. Danielle's song


Worth it all



1st vrs.  - Three long years of trials and tribulations

                The happiest years of my life

                 The good times, and the bad times,

                  I'd frame them all on my walls

Chorus -   life is never easy to understand

                  Love comes with pain

                 You have to be strong to make a stand

                   It is worth it all ,

                 For the only one who understood who I am

2nd vrs.-  Some times things are blurry,

                 Because you don't want to feel so deeply

                  But life isn't shallow its deep

                  some times humans must weep


3rd vrs. - poe enacted an understanding

                That light can not exist with out the dark

                And love can not stand alone

                To feel is to understand emotions good and bad


                 I will never stop wondering

                 I will never be rid of hurt

                 I will never wish for more then clarity

                 But I will never regret the three years,

                 we fought for each other ,

                  As sisters and best friends

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