Cami's Bedtime Stories

I have a little sister that I love to read to. So I have written down some of the stories that I would like to tell her, I hope you and your family enjoy them.


1. The Girl and Her Mouth

          Once upon at time, in a little old village, there lived a young girl. She love loved to talk and be the center of atention. One day she was walking down a busy street when she saw an old woman begging for money. The girl looked down on her and said, "Ewww! Get your nasty hands away from me, I would never give you money. EWWWWW!" Then the old woman said, "Well you rude child I now cruse you to have a punishment every time you spit mean words out at people, I think you should have a hairy tongue". And so the girl turned away from the woman and said, "Drop Dead!" One hair then grew on her tongue. The girl went on her way when she came across a rat-like dog, "Get out of my way! Stupid mutt," then more hairs grew on her tongue. She went on with her day insulting people left and right, growing hair after hair on her tongue. She had just eaten lunch at the bakery. The baker ask her if she liked her roll, she looked at him and said, " It was the worst thing I have ever tasted!" Then her gross, hairy, brown tongue fell out of her mouth. From that day on she could never say anything mean ever again. The End

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