Chapter 2

For the 'branch' competition


1. Questions

Shock. That was izalla's gut reaction, the questions invaded her mind, spilling into the deep corners, infecting every thought. Her fingers buzzed with a bittersweet urge to do whatever she did. A jungle of emotions took over her, but she can't let them show. Breathing deeply she looked at the passengers that just moments before were ignoring her with an ignorant bliss. They were staring horrified, Izalla changed hers to match that of the other passengers. She wasn't a suspect. The concept of magic had always bewildered the girl, and at times she had been weary of black cats and other superstitious things, well she doubted they existed. However growing up in a household filled with the superstition, one does start to wonder. But what was that? Was it her? is she now a freak of nature? Izalla, one of the most normal girls, a freak of nature. Contemplating her involvement she noticed something. Amongs all the panic there was a ghost, well someone transparent like one. He had glowing electric blue eyes, and was looking at the panic in amusement. Was it him, did he frame it on her? He was, well attractive, leaning with a bad boy grave that belonged in a movie. Izalla was horrified to see herself fantasising over a guy she doesn't know. Almost feeling her curious eyes he turned, and with a sky smirk he winked at her. The cheek. He has the audacity to come and provoke havoc on an innocent train, then watches. She sneered ar him, then with a turn of her head she began to calm the crowd surrounding her. The train which had come to a slow standstill began to roll through the London suburbs once again. The fact she was meeting her father had escaped her preoccupied mind, and so the thought of meeting him in this frazzled state worried her. She shook herself and smiled to herself, feeling the weight of the boys stare. No one would bring her down. However, little did she know he'd crop up again...
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