imagines and preferences

i'll write imagines and preferences if you want me to write you a personal imagine tell me in the comments or i'll see it faster on kik.


1. preference 1


HARRY: "oh god thats too cute" you say while looking at a shirt in F21 "so take it i'll buy it for you love" harry said "no love it's fine i have a lot of clothes i don't need it" you say, you didn't like him buying you everything you want you'l buy it later when you had money. "let's go love i don't need that" you say taking him out of the store "but i wanna buy you that" he said 2no love it's ok i don't need it" "ok lets go" you take his hand and going into the food court you are very hungry "love i think i forgot something in the car can you wait here" he said "sure love i'll buy the food, do you want the same ??" "sure" he says. you wait 10 minutes until he returns with a bag from F21 in his hand "love this is for you, hope you like it" he says "harry you didn't need to buy me anything" you say "no i want it to please accept it" you grab the bag and see whats inside, it's the shirt that you want it and a ring that said love you "oh harry i love it, it's beautiful" you say while giving him a big kiss.


LIAM: "i love it babe i'll get it for you" he says, you were trying a dress from papaya it was beautiful and your boyfriend liam want it to buy it for you but you didn't like it when liam bought you so many things and today he already bought you a lot of things "no babe it's ok you already bought me a lot of things"you say while changing in your clothes "but i wanna do it" liam said in a baby voice "no babe lets go to get you something new" you say while walking into tommy "ok but i need to go to the bathroom so just wait for me here" he said. when he arrived we bought some tees for him and went home, in the car i saw a weird bag "liam did you buy the dress ??" you asked liam "yes babe" he said with a cheeky smile in his face "but why i don't like you to spend that much money in me" "but it looked beautiful on you please don't be mad i love you baby girl" you couldn't resist "aww i love you too LiLi" 


ZAYN: "gosh i'm so tired" you said as you make your way to the sofa with your boyfriend zayn "so lets go to bed" zayn said while caring you bridal style you were so tired that you didn't even complain "babe what is this?" you ask you boyfriend because you see a black bag on the bed "open it it's for you" "zayn you didn't need to buy me anything" "but i want it to" you open it and inside it was a beautiful chain that you saw on tumblr the other day "oh god zayn i love it" you tell him as you kiss him "lets go to bed babe" he says while turning off the lights and going to bed with you.


NIALL: " miss (Y/L/N) this is for you" your assistant said while giving you a box "thank you adam" on top of the box it was a note that said -this is for you hope you like it babe- niall had bought you something you open it and inside they were the most beautiful black heels that you saw the other day on nine west. you called him to thank him "gosh niall i love you they are beautiful" "did you like them" "are you kidding i love them,thank you so so so so much" "ok love i need to go but you can thank me again later at home" "ok babe i love you" "i love you too (Y/N/N)"


LOUIS: "i'll get them for you" louis screamed in your ear, you were looking at a pair of shorts and he just came inside creaming like crazy "no babe it's ok" you told your boyfriend louis "no i'll get them for you" he told you while grabing them from your hands and paying for them "i love you babe and this is just because i love to see you happy" "aww thank you boo i love them" you told him while kissing him "i love you too (Y/N/N)

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