1. advise


when i saw her in your arms
when i saw her kissing you
when i saw you doing the same
my heart broke

and i realised you love her
and i realised she loves you
and i realised you belong together
but i didn't deserve to be treated like this

and i hope you won't let her down
and i hope you wont' repeat your mistakes
and i hope she will do the same
because it's the only right way

and i really wanted you to be happy
and i really kept my fingers crossed
and i really believed in your "love story"
but it was a fault

now you see how much it hurts
now you see how wrong it goes
now you see how had i felt
when you let me down

and all i want to say
and all you need to know
and all what it true
is that i won't forgive you

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