Love: A blissful thing

Claire is best friends with Davidl a
Short,friendly boy, and in love with a smartass brown quiffed hair boy,but what happens when claire's perfect life with her best
friend are involved with her love life and crush?
~"One's life can go from perfect to diasterous with a split second descion"- Me!!

*Names changed, so its very confusing. Read at your own risk


1. Choices

I sit here in my lonesome apartment crying my eyes out. I say to myself repeatedly..but it just won't get through my head. "He isn't worth it..he isn't worth it..he isn't worth it..." I racked my brain trying to forget him and our past, but I can't.

It was about 2 years ago, we were in the same class and I was ever so truly madly deeply (only a directioner would.get that) with the practical joker and smartass of the class. It was one day when everyone including the unsocialized tweeters or instagramers played truth or dare. Me being dare devilish choose dare for my second turn. I soonly got nervous when Megan was deciding the dare for me..she was the only one that knew my secret....they were all whispering and then I saw that devilsh smile creeping up on her face like a baby crawling for a piece of candy. Then she said "ok Claire , your dare is to go to and FRECH kiss Matt" I was very shock at that moment and froze but to keep my reputation, I walked down the line of chairs, and stopped infront of him, he rose off his seat like a balloon floating away on a cool summer day. Once he got up, we were so close to each other, I nearly got shivers when his breath caught my neck. He whispered ever so lightly,"do you wanna kiss me as much as I wanna kiss you?". Shocked by his words,i leaned in and attacked his pink,lucious lips,i've been dying to touch. At first he doesn't kiss back, but when I whispered "i wouldn't mind a kiss". Then once again we both leaned in and before I knew it, our tongues were fighting for dominance. He won of course but before anything else continued, Daniel(aka Danny) my best friend came next to me, tapped my shoulder and said " guys are done right? Cause its my turn and I would love it if Claire made my dare up" knowing that he wasn't speaking to me but Matthew. We sat down to our usual seats and when I was going to tell Daniel his dare,the bell rang. We all left for outside. Tonight was the Valentine's day dance. I'm not going. Dance's aren't my thing. Ohh don't get me wrong I love wearing dresses, I just don't like going to dances because of an incident that happend in 5th grade. But thats a whole different story. Daniel isn't going either. So tonight we will be at my place, with popcorn and a movie. When Daniel arrived, I got the blankets and popcorn was done already. We both were a kid at heart so we watched 'Tangled'. I was all cuddled with my head in Danny's lap and foot on the cushion. Him playing with the loose strands of hair from my messy bun.Then Danny coughed and spoke up, he paused the movie when Flynn Rider was spilling his heart out for Rapunzel..then I gave Danny a stern look but got worried seeing him look so nervous, then he started off "look Claire, yes we have been friends ever since 4th grade, but I think that I....uuummm..." I interupped him,and thinking about it now, I really shouldn't have. Then before Danny can say anything else my phone started ringing "your just a small bump unborn, in four months you're brought-" Picking it up,only to find Matt on the other end. I got all flustered and had no responce when he said he's waiting outside to take me to the dance. I quickly said ok and hung up... I didn't know if I wanted to stay with my best friend or go with the boy of all my daydreams.....

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