The Tale of Thomas Lewis

This is a VERY short story about a boy who realises that he is different. Sorry, haven't quite finished but decided to publish this on Movellas to see if you think I should continue.


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The Tale of Thomas Lewis


Thomas Lewis was never any good at making friends. The truth was, he was different and people didn’t like that. He was an orphan from a small middle-eastern country that no one has ever heard of. But more than anything, he could hear and she things others couldn’t. For example, he could see the slightest thing from miles and miles away when it was completely invisible to those around him.


He was also very smart. He had no recollection of parents or anyone who had ever taught him the facts of life but somehow Thomas just…knew. He started school merely months ago and yet he was at a higher rate than anyone of his age. He couldn’t quite explain it, but he was somehow special. He had no friends; no one even glanced his way. If they did, it was accidental. He also got different treatment as all of the teachers thought he was a progeny, a somewhat masterpiece.


Thomas just thought of himself as weird. He always had and probably always would.

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