The Morganville Guide to Survival

This is basically a Morganville guide to survival. Do's and Dont's. Btw, if I don't mention this, Morganville, Texas is manifested with Vampires.


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The Morganville Guide to survival



Three rules of Morganville:


Don’t go out after dark. Showing your neck around Morganville is definitely a bad idea. Never underestimate a vampire


If you follow these rules, you should be fine. Well, not necessarily. It is Morganville.


You have to be careful on who you trust in Morganville. One bad mistake and you could be reported missing. Actually, that could happen anyway. It’s odd how half the Morganville population have no idea of the other ‘species’ living among them. but then again, if you knew, you would probably want to forget about it too. Some of the secrets of Morganville can be terribly disturbing.


Unless you know the right people. For example, knowing Miranda may not get you as far as knowing Amelie, the town mayor or Claire Danvers, a very smart college student who knows almost every Morganville secret there is to know.


You’d be lucky to get in and out of Morganville without knowing anything about the town. And obviously surviving. There is no way (unless you are Claire Danvers) that you will get into Morganville and still survive almost everything, know all the secrets there is to know, work with Myrnin the crazy professor and get out with Amelie’s approval.


Ok, now here’s the really important bit. Vampire pros:


The younger they are, the more vulnerable they are to sunlight If you shoot one with an arrow or stab them with a stake, it’ll stop them until someone pulls the arrow out They will burn if they’re skin gets contact with silver


Unfortunately there are also some cons:


They’re bloody fast They can kill you before you realise where you are They are incredibly strong They have permission to hunt (for you out there: yeah, that means that they can kill us) If you kill one, you get killed yourself. But if it’s the other way around – they kill you – they just sweep it under the rug as if it never happened Most have many connections because some are what, 10000000000? The older they are, the less likely it is you can kill them They have jobs all over town so you never know when they can attack


So, if you’re heading to Morganville, Texas, print this and take it with you.


On the good side, you won’t remember ever going to Morganville as the memories will be wiped from you as soon as you leave the town borders.


This guide was created by: HermioneJacksonPotter,

Welsh girl who is obsessed with The Morganville Vampire series

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