The Nightmare

Scarlet Gray, has a terrible nightmare! Why? What does it mean? Who are the people in it?


1. That Night!

 I sat there, it was cold, it was dark, I was ALONE! My name echoed around me, Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet, though I didn't say my name. I am brave, I am strong, I am NOT ALONE! I heard footsteps and heavy breathing. I needed to escape! What did this person want with me? Who was he?

I got to my feet, a shadow appeared on the nearest wall, ... I looked over my shoulder. A man, twice the size of me glared at me wearing a huge black hoodie, scuffed up trainers and trousers with holes in them, his pocket had something sticking out of it. I ran for my life, across roads (It was dark and luckily there was no cars around, but why?) half way I realized I had no-where to run. I stopped.

The same shadow appeared, this time with an empty pocket and he held a gun in his hand ! I carried on running, not having anywhere to go,...

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