How Will We Get There?

Young Madeline(Maddy) was left alone with her 2 sisters and 2 brothers.Terrorists are invading her Hometown,and her family was taken away,but the kids werent because they were in hiding. Its the year of 1936,and it was fall,and very cold.Maddy is only 10,and she cant manage 4 little naughty kids,how will she do it? How will she run away from Massachusettes and flee to California?How will she get there?


1. Left From Mama and Papa

  I sat there crying.Where is mama? Why can't I hear her soft voice and feel her warmth on my cold,cold skin? And why did papa leave me here with William,Liam,Rebecca,and Hannah? I am only 10,I cant do this.

   Liam,the youngest,who is 1 year old,was the messy one,and the annoying one.William,who is 4 years old, was also pretty annoying,but he didnt yell,scream,or even talk as much...he mainly went 'exploring',and by that,I mean wandering off to random places and getting lost.Hannah,6 years old,was pretty quiet,but she has wild tantrums often.The oldest,Rebecca,who is 7,is very bossy,and if she doesnt get what she wants,she yells and kicks,and hurts people.And me?Oh,Im just your average girl...



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