When Vanessa and Derek get their familiars at age thirteen, it is tradition to go to the Coming of age Ceremony. When they arrive a mysterious illness strikes all the adults. Their familiars(spirit animals) travel out to find the cure and end up finding a new world, Flugnorf.


1. A Plan for A Party

     It was a warm summer day int he town of Polk. Some three year olds were playing tic tac toe on the sidewalk near the park, where thirteen year olds Vanessa and Derek were talking. In the town of Polk you get a familiar, or spirit animal, when you turn thirteen. Vanessa had chosen a ferret, and Derek had a pheonix.

     "My ferret is SO cute!"

     "My pheonix has flaming wings!"

     "I can't wait for the ceremony tonight!"

     "you mean the most boring celebration Polk has to go through?!"

     "What do you mean? We get to eat a feast, drink, and stay up late!"

     "You mean we have to eat fancy-shmancy food, drink, and stay up late to watch the others get the lecture on the care of familiars!"

     "At least we get to sit together at the ceremony!"

"What C-Ceremony?" They had caught the attention of a positivley pretty perplexed three year old, Nancy.

    "You'll learn when you're thirteen." said Vanessa

     "I wanna know, wait how long do I have to wait?"

     "If any of you babies ever payed attention in pre-K you would know!" Derek said with disgust. Vanessa hit him.

     "Derek! You were in pre k once! Nancy, you have to wait ten years. Come on Derek, Lets go get ready!"

The two friends walked the long way back to their homes.


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