second chance

this is a story about, a girl who fell inlove with a boy who she really loved, but then that boy had to break up with her, and after 3 years they meet again, the girl gave him the second chance, will the boy ruin that chance or will they stay happy? read and find out


1. new beggining

Hi, My name is Shy Adrianne Copper, yup a unique name isn't it? you can call me Shy or Adrianne, your choice

it's my first day in school, yey, who am i kidding? i hate school, i went to the office and asked for my map, time schedule, and forms

"Welcome to Bridge High ,ms.Shy Adrianne" she gave me a smile

"thank you" i said

well now i'm not going to be garrulous cause i'm shy at first, then if you get to know me, i'll be the one who's gonna be talking,i moved to London cause my parent's work's here now, i'm not that fit, i'm not that fat also, just like 100 pounds?, i think i'm not that pretty, also, but of coarse my parents say "i'm the prettiest girl they've ever seen" 

i was looking at the map, and bumped in to someone, that made my books fall, i looked who's infront of me and he was a boy,blonde, and smells good, of coarse i'm not going to say that to him, i didn't realize i was staring at him, when he was waving at me

"you okay there?" he asked in his irish voice

"yup, i'm good, i'm fine,i'm alright" i said being stupid

"your new here are't you?"

"no ,i'm not new here, that's why i didn't get lost" i say sarcastically 

"yeah, alright, i'm Niall ' he said reaching his hand so i could shake it

"Shy Adrianne, you can call me Shy or Adrianne" i said shaking his hand

"so what's you first lesson?"

"umm, English"

'oh cool your with me"

"are you half leprechaun?" i asked all of a sudden, i may have a slight of humor, 

he laughed at my question "nope, why did you ask that all of a sudden?"

"you know what i really really don't know, wait i know, so i could see that smile on your face, cause i made it awkward, in some ways, and now i'm talkative, i should really stop"  and he just smiled and chuckled at my reaction

i started biting my nails or my lip, it's a habit of mine when i'm nervous 

"you nervous?" Niall asked taking a seat ,i sat next to him

"what?, me nervous, not a bit" i say biting my nails again

"awww, wittle shy, is nervous at the first day of school" he said pinching my cheeks

and i see jealous looks from girls, and giving me death glares, this boy must be popular

"i'm not nervous Nially Willy" i said like i'm talking to a baby ,we both laughed with no reason of laughing


well the day went fast, and it was lunch time, my gosh i'm hungry, 

i took my food, and found an empty table, i was about to take a bite at my sandwich then Niall sat beside me, followed by his 5 friends, and 3 girls, awkward

i whispered to Niall, "who are they?"

"Cher,Nicole,Amanda,Louis,Liam,Harry, and Zayn" he pointed at each of them

"ohh okay " i said shyly

"guys, this is Shy Adrianne"

i started drawing them, in a piece of paper yup, i draw, i mean i'm not that bad at it, i put my tongue out, habit when i concentrate , and Zayn started to get curios in what i'm doing and i didn't want any body to see i'm drawing them, so i moved at the next table , and got a good view , and then i blurted out"YES, I'M DONE" and every body stared at me

i moved and sat next to Zayn, seriously, this guy is perfect, wow just wow

"look i drew all of you" i said like i'm a 5 year old showing something

Cher got the paper and said "this is good, can i have it?" i nodded

and Zayn got the paper, he smiled at me and i left the room,


finally i found The Music room, i sat some where at the back and listened to Leavin by Jesse McCartney

i didn't realize that i started to sing quietly, when i heard people saying, she's good, can she join the club?

i opened one eye and said "yo" they smiled and sat down, i got up, and found a violin, and sat at a chair where there is a keyboard, and yeah, i know how to play almost every instrument, i started playing the piano and sang secrets, cover of Maddi Jane,

i started singing, softly, and i had parts of playing the piano, then the violin, i stopped cause i heard the teacher went inside, i smiled at her,

"you must be Shy Adrianne" she said 

"umm, yes, You must be Ms.Reagan"

"yes, and why did you stop playing?"

"because you came in"i simply said

"well do you want to continue, i'm sure you class mates are enjoying your performance" she smile sweetly,

they all nodded and i continued the song, and when i finished, i looked at every one and sat back down


"you were good, Shy, you should join our meeting later" Zayn said, i can't say no to this kid, his somethig

"umm sure why not?" i said

after our classes , i went to the auditorium .

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