My Princess ( Niall Horan )

Niall is walking home from practice when he sees a girl about 19 sitting on a bench crying. he introduces himself and realizes how beautiful she is. will they fall for each other or will she fall for someone else? Read to find out! ( this is my first movella so please, no hate! But please feel free to comment like or favorite. Tell me what you think! :p )


1. Gabrielle

Niall's P.O.V.

  I was walking back to my flat after recording and the boys all went to theirs. It felt like there was something wrong. I could feel it in my chest. So I looked around and up ahead I saw a girl about my age sitting on a bench. By the way her shoulders were moving it looked like she was crying. She had her back turned to me and her hair was wavy and came down to about the middle of her back. It was dirty blonde and it looked so pretty. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a lavender colored 3 quartered length shirt. I walked over and sat at the other end of the bench. When I sat down she looked the other way wiped her eyes and sniffed. When she turned back I could tell that she was trying hard not to cry. I said, " Hi. My name's Niall. What's yours?" She wiped her eyes once more before she turned to me and said " Gabrielle." Woah. That's beautiful. " That's a very pretty name." She smiled a small smile and blushed a little before she whispered, " Thank you." She had long lashes and a cute small button nose. She had piercing green eyes and pink lips. She had white freckles, but only a few. She was very pretty. " Why were you crying?" Her face filled with sadness and I immediately regretted asking. She was hesitant at first and took a deep breath before she answered, "I found out terrible news. My parents died in a terrible accident today, their work building blew up." The color drained from my face and my heart broke for her. I felt a single tear roll down my cheek. "I'm so sorry Gabrielle." Then I pulled her into a hug. She squeezed back lightly. "Do you have somewhere to stay? You could stay at my flat for as long as you need to." She was silent and my heart sunk a little. "Um I'm not sure. Sorry." She blushed a little and I felt like an idiot for asking. She laughed and said, "But I would love your number! We could keep in touch and get to know each other better." She smiled warmly and asked for my phone. I handed it to her and smiled. She typed in her number and sent a text to her phone with mine so she could save my number.She got up and gave me a small hug, smiled, and said, " Thank you for making me feel better. I'll talk to you soon. Bye Niall!" " Bye Gabrielle!" I smiled back at her and watched as she walked down teh sidewalk. This just made my day.

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