I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


15. Out and Free

 Harrys P.O.V

 Its been 3 months since i've seen Catie. Last time I saw her she was bleeding to death, But im suppose to see her in 2 days, she is getting out.

 Recently in an Interview with the Boys, we had been interviewed by Tiger beat. They asked about Catie, I did tear up, but then I told her about the girl, and it turns out paparazzi got  a picture when we were walking out of the restaurant, and they got the picture of the girl.

 I told tiger beat, that fans like her aren't fans. Catie was gullible she couldn't defend herself, she didn't even know herself. And I told everyone when she got out what mental hospital, and only if they want to support her. And that was about 3 weeks and 4 days ago, so I was pretty upset that I wasn't with her. And honestly through everything a certain question popped up threw all interviews since catie has been in the hospital.

Tiger Beat interview

Zayn: So Me and Perrie have been perfect, we work through stuff, and I am Happy.

Interviewer: Ok, that is really good Zayn! Now, Back to harry, im sorry if this is personal. But, have you been taking therapy that ive heard?

Harry: Yea, Yea I have. (Harry looks at floor)

Interviewer: What's that all about? Why does a man with a perfect life who has found love, and has a lot of family and supportive mates?

Harry: Whoa, Perfect life? Nah, not even close. Think about it, when we work and when we are on tour, i'm away from the people I love. Also, the main reason is Catie. I feel like it my fault she did this, I thought those cuts...... (Harry takes a deep breath, his face is getting tinted red.) were from her dad, but some of it was from her. I miss her Hair, her smile, her laugh. How she giggles all the time, and how she is so ticklish. So im getting therapy for that, but when she comes back, it will end. (Harry smiles) And I cant wait to see her.

Caties P.O.V

I got my memory thankfully, but I also got back what happened when I didn't know who I am. Which was hard for me to collect myself, and randomly appearing in a mental hospital doesn't help my situation, I got my memory back the 2nd week of being in the mental hospital.

I was sitting in the white room with my room mate which her name is Gabrielle and Sat there talking and we have become very close, she has been there for 5 months and ive been here for 3. Which is perfect because we are both leaving the 2nd, she had a bad life, I don't even like talking about it, but basically her dog (her only friend) got ran over by her mom on perpose and her mom is really her step mom who is lezbo and she has 2 sons who rape her and its just really sad.

We sat there talking about how excited we were to get out, Gabrielle is a blonde who is kinda tan, like me, but she dyed her hair black. but being in here for 5 months she has blonde hair on the tip of her head. but she said she was going to dye her hair back to blonde, she looks better that way, and ive told her that. She is 17 but people are letting her move anyway and live in a apartment, I told her how much I cant wait to see Harry. 

Then usually I say good stuff about harry saying how I cant wait and stuff, then I think to myself, I don't know what happened after I cut myself, they never told me who brought me in, or if they found me. What if harry found another girl? What if he thinks i'm stupid or creepy for cutting myself? And a bunch of questions appear in my head, and they just don't stop. But Gabrielle just helps me and calms me down, she is the best ever, and I really enjoy talking to her. She had a boyfriend, he was in the mental hospital and he left 2 months ago, but once a day you get a phone call and she calls him, I call Abby, but I stopped calling people because Abby and Lucia have been acting strange. She says she has to go see her boyfriend, who is anonymous because I have no idea who he is, she never told me.

2 Days have gone by.

Harry P.O.V

Today, I get to see Catie! I wake up and put some boxers on, I walk out to the apartment room and I see the boys making breakfast and liam is putting up the "Welcome home." Banner with Niall, keeping him away from the food. Which was very smart, I walk  over to the boys and it Is 9:43am and I think to my self its about 2 or 3 hours until I see her, Im glad, I felt like I couldn't remember what her kisses felt like or what her voice sounded like.

Caties P.O.V

I was about to leave, I said goodbye to my teacher, and to everyone, they all were crying which made me cry. I was really close to everyone, and I waited for Gabrielle, when we stepped to the front check in and out room, I couldn't believe my eyes, a million directioners standing there, screaming, yelling harrys name, holding signs like "Missed you!" and "Harry needs you." and "Im glad your better." I write my name for the check out and every step I took to the door, the screams got louder. I walk out the door an I see Harry and I drop my stuff and run to him and jump into his arms, Relieved and Happy, ive never felt his way before, which was when I knew that I was better. When I look around I see the girl who said the mean things to me, Harry pulls me behind him while she walks toward me but I push him back.

"Im sorry." She said bursting in tears "You and harry are perfect I was jelous!" I looked at her and hugged her, "Did u see what I went through, I emve your life!" I giggled and so did she. Gabrielle saw her boyfriend, she hugged me and ran to him, they walked away holding hands.

As for me I looked at Harry and gave him a Kiss and we did 5 pecks and he dipped me, and gave me a huge kiss, he looked at me and went on one knee, I gasped soo Loud! I covered my mouth, and started to cry.

Nobodys P.O.V

Harry opens the box with a ring that had a heart, and ingraved Harry loves Catie on the ring part.

"Catie, you being gone, Let me think a lot. And how crazy I went without you in my life for just 3 months, I cant have you leave me again! So, will you marry me?" Harry asked, Catie was crying and had water marks on her face, and she fell into harrys arms yelling "Yes!" and she kissed him.

"You don't know how much I missed you kissing me!" Harry yelled putting the ring on her finger, and catie took his hand and put him in the Car. She rolled the window down on her side, "You guys are the best and whoever is going what I went through and who has problems, im here for you, I love you guys!" Catie said and everyone screamed. She looked at Harry and kissed him, She looked over at the fans and shook her head giggling and rolled the window up, They were tinted, and Catie looked at Harry. They leaned there foreheads against each others and Catie whispered "Yes." And she kissed him and they went in the back of the car and cuddled. "I love you." Catie said and He looked at her with the biggest smile, "I love you too." And he dug his head in her neck.


I hope you guys liked the story! I loved it! Tell me what you think Below! Love you guys! -Catwomenrawr <3

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