In The Sky

Second chapter to In The Sky.


1. Wrong

Chapter 2


Izalla began wondering. Mabey she had some special power. It would explain was she was always considered differant. She never wanted friends. She keep to herself at school. Espically after her mother died. After that her father moved them to London.


It was then the memory emerged. She could feel the small space. It was dark and damp. Hear the faint screams. Barely audible over her fear.


She jumped, pulling the memory from her mind. The train began moving again.


"Finally" she whispered.


She waited and waited for the train to come to it's final stop. Imagined her fathers embrace. She hadn't seen him since the day he left. Her mother's death put him into a horrible depression. He took Izalla to a foster home/school. She lived there for two years. Resently she resieved a letter from him asking her to visit. Now here she is on a train waiting to see him.


She looked to the sky again. The window still had the carving. She gingerly placed her finger tip on it and began tracing it. It began sparkling. She pulled her finger from it swiftly. It turned red, then looked normal again. As if she had gotten it wrong and needed to try again. She pondered this thought. Is this a good idea?


She figured she had nothing to lose and placed her finger on the carving. She slowly traced it. Watching it sparkle. The areas she traced slowly changed colors. It looked beautiful.


She finished tracing and took her finger off the carving. It turned green. Then slowly became larger. Filling the whole window. The train became dark. She heard the squel of the wheels on the track. She felt the train jerk to a stop.


Suddenly Izalla felt like she was floating. She became nervous. Was she dead? What'd she just do? Did she get it wrong again? She began screaming. She heard others also screaming. She felt as if water was dripping onto her.


She suddenly felt like she supended in air. She saw something faintly glowing beneath her. It was the carving. It was huge.




Everything was light. The train was gone. She was on the ground. She was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by scared people. The carving was in the ground. It looked like one of those crop circles. And Izalla stood in the center of it. He hands sparkling just like the carving did. Everyone stared at her in fear.


Did she do this? Was this carving cursed? Where was she?



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