The Day We Met<3

Its a very cute story, what so ever, im Julie im bad at English.. you know... im from Denmark, Bitches! hope you like the story, come with some feedback please!<3


1. The Meet


Niall Horan Fanfiction

It was May 3, 2012 it all began. May, June and July was the best months in my entire life. I met Niall and .. oh, let me tell you the story! I had started to take shoes on when the doorbell rang. '' Who is it?'' I thought to myself. when I opened the door, stood a guy with the most beautiful golden hair put up with hair wax. he stood with a group of Girl Scouts in green uniforms. '' Would they like some cookies? $ 5 for a box!'' Said the guy. He was hot.. so hot he almost were on fire! ’’Ofcourse, do you have with browniecrumbles?’’ while the Girl Scouts and the guy tried to find a box with cookies and browniecrumbles, i took my wallet and gave them $ 10. They found the box with cookies, and gave it to me. While the blonde guy tried to find some exchange money, i just said. ’’Just keep the rest! I really love theese cookies’’ the blonde guy said ’’Oh thank you! Im Niall.. give me a call’’ he gave me a scrap of paper with a number on. ’’Thanks.. im Julie’’ i smiled flirty, and he returned my flirty smile with a sexy smile. When Niall and the Scouts were gone, i took my bag, and walked straight to the park. ’’turn left at Gowerstreet, right at Mainstreet, continue until you reach Waldoff park’’ i always whispered the route to the park for myself. when i came to the park, could i almost hear the squirrels, the ocean and the wind. I found a bench i could sit on. I opened my bag, took some headphones on, grabbed a box of peanuts and took a notebook i could write some songs in. ’’I love you more than you could ever know, then i would never be…? Hm..’’ i couldnt find on a word who rhyming on know. ’’Now i know it!’’ i whispered ’’A hoe!’’ suddenly a blonde girl with big boobs walked past me and heard clearly what i said, and thought i was talking about her. ’’HEY BITCH!’’ she yelled at me. I took my headphones of. ’’Yeah Hipsta?’’ she gave me the middle finger, and walked away. Suddenly i could see Niall on a bench under at tree. ’’You can do it, Julie’’ i walked over to him, but every step i took, i felt more and more nervous. He heard me walking and turned around. ’’Julie? What are you doing here?’’ he smiled friendly. ’’Just, you know.. writing songs and poems’’ ’’Cool! Can i hear one of the songs?’’ ’’ehm..’’ i were nervous. ’’Not in front of all theese people.. ’’ i said. ’’Okay, i understand.’’ He took my hand and walked straight to Gowerstreet. ’’What are you doing Niall?’’ i were afraid. He didn’t say a word, just walked very fast. I didnt thought of Nialls accent, but.. when i listened, i could clearly hear that it was Irish, and not British like mine. ’’Where are you from, Niall?’’ i asked. ’’Mullingar, you?’’ ’’London’’ He stopped in front of a white house with black roof, big windows and a lot of flowers. ’’i live here in May, June and July, and when its July 31, i go back to Mullingar’’ said Niall. He opened the door, and we walked in, in the livingroom. ’’you can sit here’’ Niall smiled and pointet on a black couch. ’’I’ll get some soda, what would you like? Pepsi, Coke og Fanta?’’ ’’Coke, please’’ i smiled. I were in love with Niall. He was perfect! ’Da one’ if you could say it in that way? He came with a coke and we sat together on the black couch.

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