His Quirkiness...

A sort of true story about my Best friend and her Ex. There are a few edits.


1. My eyes were decieving me..

He strolled in with his JD bag about to fall of his shoulder, that overgrown hair and that squeaky voice were just different..they were something I had to discover. I walked over to the other side of the classroom feeling overly confident "Hi im Flora" I smiled, trying not to be distracted by his deep brown eyes. "Im Olly. Im new here, I guess your my first friend" he said, scanning the classroom. He stopped abruptly. He had noticed my best friend Andrea. There was something about his face when he looked at hers..it wasn't the same way he looked at mine, the sadness struck me like a million knives at once. Why didn't he look at me that way?

"Hey Anne, is that you?" he knew her nickname. "Olly!! What are you doing here, you never told me you were joining LGS." she replied. " Well here I am! Did you miss me?" "Well..not exactly." those three words comforted me, she had no interest in him. That gave me a chance. Before I could but in, our Geography teacher ran in. " Sorry im late everyone, the traffic was disastrous. Take a seat everyone." we all took our usual places as Olly was left in the middle of the class, stranded. His confused look was just irresistible. Nobody compares to him.  

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