I Wish I Hated You

Bethany Hanson hated Niall Horan. She hated him to bits. But one day something happens. That makes him change everything he thinks about her. As this happens, she realized what he meant to her.

But Bethany gets caught up in things she never wanted to.


2. "I Love Liam Payne"

"Let, go." Alana threatened. I continued to pull on her beloved diary. "Beth.. Don't you dare make me call you by your middle name." My 'life' flashed before my eyes. I hate my middle name, it's too embarrassing! "You wouldn't dare." I whispered. "Bethany Virgil Hanson, let go of my diary." 

I cringed, It sounded like 'virgin'. I think my mom hated me when I was born. She looked at me with her smug look. I continued to pull, until I forced myself right on my butt. I quickly got up and ran to her bathroom. I locked the door, and she continued to bang on the door, as if that's going to get me to open it.

I flipped through her pages, until one page in particular caught my attention. In bold, pink letters, there were the words... 

                          ❝I Love Liam Payne♥❞
"YOU LIKE LIAM?" I shouted. "Oh my god, please get out of there! Please!" she threatened. I complied to her orders, only feeling like laughing.
"Since when have you liked him? What happened to Jeremy?"

"That was when I first met him.."

"It's dated March 9, 2013. You're gonna tell me it was when you first met him when it was yesterday?"

"Ugh!" she whined. I followed her to the kitchen. "So what happened to Jeremy?" I asked confused. She's like Jeremy since two years ago. Way before we met the boys. "Nothing, I just feel like Liam actually cares about me." she protested. "I still love Jeremy." I snickered. "You're under a lot of pressure here." I said. Her smug face grew back on.

"You're the one who liked Louis." she said. "Woah woah, WOAH. That actually was when we first met them." I defended myself. "You've like Jeremy before too." she said. "And?"

"Just putting that out there." she smirked. "I think I'd remember that!" I shouted, following her while pointing my finger at her.

                                                                                (Later That Day..)

I finally knew what to write about. After weeks of not putting anything on that screen, I knew what to write about. Jeremy gave me some ideas, followed by Zayn.. I decided to write about my year. Meeting the boys, but making up different names because I didn't want people to doubt me.
Getting over some boys.. But yeah, the point is, I knew what to write about. But then I just realized I have to write about him.

 I had to write about Niall.


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