25 Reasons Why

Jessie was dating the very famous, Niall Horan from the British-Irish boy band One Direction. After getting lots of hate she feels that Niall should break up with her and find someone who is good enough for him. He thinks she's crazy for thinking that so he decides to write her a letter with 25 reasons why he loves her.


1. I love you

It was all to much. The hate. The never feeling like your good enough. But I guess that's what you get when your dating one of the members of the most famous boy bands in the world, Niall Horan of One Direction. Twitter was the worst. People always calling me ugly, not good enough, saying I'm using Niall just for fame. Of course I wouldn't do that, he's just to perfect, but I'm not. I was in my room just sitting on my bed crying after looking at the latest tweets. Niall ran in when he heard me. "Princess? What's wrong?" "Your 'fans' is what's wrong. Read these tweets." Niall looks over all the tweets growing madder and madder by the second. "Love, don't listen to them. They don't know you like I do. All I want is you, your perfect for me. Please don't treat yourself like crap." I wrapped Niall up in a hug feeling a little better but still not 100% certain what he said was true. "Niall, you could date practically anyone in the whole world, so why me?" "Because your amazing! You may not realize it but your the most wonderful person I've ever met." "Alright..." 

*one week later*  Niall had just left to go grocery shopping, so I went downstairs into the kitchen. I see a piece of paper with a bunch of writing on it. "Great, Niall left the grocery list" I say to myself. But after picking it up, I realize its for me. This is what it says: 25 Reasons Why I Love you   1) your smile. It's warm and welcoming and it makes me want to smile too. 2) your laugh. You may not like it but I think it's the most adorable thing ever. 3)your sense of humor. You light up the room once you walk in and to always seem to be making people feel better and put a smile on their face.  4)your overprotectiveness. You always look out for the people you love and if anyone says or does something hurtful to them you make sure the person who did it never does it again 5)your honesty. You never tell a lie, if I ask for your opinion you make sure it's honest no matter what.  6)your eyes. Your eyes always have this energy to them that make you look warm and inviting.  7)your height. You may not like that your tall, but I find it beautiful and it makes you unique which I love. 8)your hair. You don't have to try and your hair always seems to have me amazed. "the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed" :)  9)your competitiveness. You always have to win and I love that. 10)how whenever I say I love you, you say I'll always love you more. You want me to know that I'm loved by you not just because I'm famous. 11)your style. You love your beanies and snapbacks as much as I do, but your not afraid to dress up. 12)your way of handling things. You don't get angry, you just feel bad for whoever is trying to make you feel bad and tell them you hope they go far in life. 13)your freckles. They warm up your face and give you a happy glow. 14)how you act with children. You treat them like they are your own. 15)your figure. You aren't fat, but your not a twig. Your a real woman. 16)your eating habits. You aren't afraid to pig out in public and you always challenge me to see who can eat more. You always win but that's because I let you:) (maybe)  17)the way you dance. You don't try to hard and you try to look as weird as possible which is hilarious. 18)how you still have all of your One Direction posters and blankets. You still seem like the crazy Directioner I fell in love with. 19)your athleticism. You are one crazy good volleyball player and you are always getting better. I know you'll go far. 20)your derping. You don't care if your at some fancy award show with me, when the camera is on you, you derp and make me laugh. 21)your singing voice. You don't try, you always try to sing off key. But when you do try, you sound like an angel. 22)how you sleep. You look like your a child and it's adorable! 23)how you still have stuffed animals. You talk to them and treat them like they're your best friends. 24)your taste in music. You love One Direction but you always like alternative music and that's awesome. 25)your you! You are never afraid to be yourself and you never try to impress anyone but you always do.   I love you so much, and there are so many other reasons, but this was all I could fit on the note.   I finish reading the note with a huge smile on my face and I remind myself to give Niall a big hug and kiss when he gets home.(which I do) 
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