Funny love

Anne has just started a new school, it's great....until she meets dave


1. Meeting him

His brown hair fell around his face perfectly, his chocolate brown eyes just full of happiness, love and joy. He didn't have a care in the world, unlike me. Ever since I got to this new school I was determined to fit in. I wasn't "popular girl/mean girl" material. I just wasn't. Even though I knew so many people it just felt like it was me against the world, but every time he said hi to me or smiled it just felt like nothing in the world was wrong.

I was walking down the stairs when my two friends, Flora and Layla came up to me, their faces red with effort. " OMG do you want to  go out with David cos we TOTALLY set you guys up!" Flora says. Inside I am bursting with happiness, joy and fear. Will this all be aright? was it my lucky day? " Yes" I reply

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