*"*Finished*"* So, this is a story I wrote at school, no idea what you'l think but hey!
Not really sure how to describe it, but you let me know what you think and I will be most happy! ^_^ (I will send you free invisible cake)


1. Paragraph 1

Quiet. Its always so quiet here. There's always a slight breeze that gently ruffles my hair and clothes, and makes the long grass tumble into each other, like the waves of an ocean. The sky is never blue, but never dark either. It's like a hazy sunrise, when the sun just starts to dapple the sky with colour. Everything here is a bit hazy, nothing sharp or focused but always a liitle smudged around the edges. There isn't really any time either, no night or day. It's just always hazy. And so quiet

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