The Mysterious Roses

On the door of every house of Spectrum Street, there is a mysterious rose sellotaped to every door.


1. Discovering the Rose

Suddenly, Giovanna awoke, hearing a knock at the door. She shouted to Grace to answer it but there was no reply so she asumed Grace was still fast asleep. Reluctanly, she walked down the stairs, nearly stumbling over her pair of converse shoes. However, when she answered the door, there was no-one there; instead, there was a ruby red rose sellotaped to the door. As Giovanna looked around outside, she saw that every one else on the street had one too.


Giovanna brought the rose inside with her and put it down on the table. She sat down to have some breakfast when Grace came into the room, moaning.

"What were you shouting about-"started Grace but she suddenly stopped when she saw the rose.

"Oooh, " said Grace, "is that from your boyfriend?!"

"No," replied Giovanna, in an annoyed tone, "I found it sellotaped to the door, and before you think it's from Teoh, there was a rose sellotaped to everyone else's door."

"Oh," said Grace surprised as she thought that it would have been from Teoh,"who do you think they are all from then?"

"I don't know know and I am too tired to care right now. I'm going back to bed."

Grace sat down at the kitchen table, also very tired, wondering who this mysterous rose could be from.
















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