the rosey day

Peeta and George have an interesting debate.


1. the descution

Dear Diary,

                  Me and George are having a very interesting debate about what to spend our £3.65 on. George thinks we should buy:

a loaf of bread               99p

a tub of marge               59p

2 tins of soup                 80p

and a bottle of squash  1.05

this adds up to £3.43, he thinks with the rest we should save to buy a new scarf from the charity shop!

Honestly, why doesnt he just agree that:

a loaf of bread                  99p

a pack of pasta              £1.00

a packet of cheese          80p

and a jar of mustard         60p

this adds up to £3.39, and with the rest we could buy a scarf and save for a hat!My ideas are alot more mature! i mean, the other day he sagested that we get a coat! i mean a coat! even from the charity shop, that would be at least £4.00! anyway, we were on the way to the park, to take our daily walk, and we noticed a pink rose in the pocket of Georges old shabby coat. where did it come from? i think george has an admirer, he thinks it just blew by the wind.


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