Who's that boy? (Sasuke love story)

All of sudden I met Suigetsu, someone I thought I had lost forever. I decided to join Taka and met the members. Meeting the cold eyes of the Uchiha clan, his black, spiky hair made my heart fall. I fell for him, but all he wanted was to destroy The Hidden Village of Leaf.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I backed. They didn't leave me alone. They took a step forward. I took a step back. One more. And then.. I felt my back against something. What a luck! He took one more step forward, lifted his arm with his long sword. And...

I heard a sound of something that went against the shiny blade of the sword. Then there was a hard crash into another of the trees in the wood. I opened my eyes and stared straight into a pair of purple eyes. 

"Suigetsu!" I screamed as I gave him a hug that sent him to the floor.


"Your only 16, you should beware!"

"And you were only 10 when you disappeared," I said full of sarcasm.

"But that was really dangerous."

"But at least you came and saved me," I said and then gave him a smile.

It was so nice to see Suigetsu again. He told me lots of what happened to him after he was taken by Orochimaru, those horrible operations. Also, what caught me, was that he said he now had a place to be, a group, Taka. The only friend I ever had was him, and from the day he gone, I had no one to be with. I was alone. 

"I want to join," I said as we were just walking in the woods. 

"Well, I don't really know," he said as he continued "You need to be able to help or do something, like a jutsu or something."

There were a few seconds none of us talked. Then suddenly I found out!

"I can heel people. So maybe I can help the group then?" 

A smirk crossed Suigetsu's face.

"Well, let us take a look... You're maybe two centimeters too short... And you've got too long, smooth hair.... And your eyes are too sparkly!" 

I gave him a slight push and then giggled. He was just as before, cute! Always those cute little comments that made your day brighter.

"But seriously, I don't really know. I think you have to meet the group and the leader... Sasuke won't allow others easily to join the group," Suigetsu said as he took another sip from his water can.

"Sasuke? Who's that?"

Suigetsu rolled his eyes and then he told me about Sasuke, how Sasuke released him, how they found the others in the group and their unique abilities. He also told me about that Sasuke was a hero, because he saved them and killed Orochimaru, and then explained lots about who Orochimaru was. He told me about the Akatsuki, that seemed, from what he told me, a group of pretty stupid ninjas.

I seriously didn't have a clue and after he explained all those things they just got mixed up in my head.

While Suigetsu was talking about lots of different things, I looked around. A sudden memory came back to me. Suigetsu left the village and just disappeared. When people noticed they went searching for him, but nobody found him. After some days, people gave up. And as days past, they had forgot about everything, as if Suigetsu never existed. I couldn't help but think what would happen if I did do the same. I was about to do exactly the same thing. Would anyone ever notice if I gone? Would they go searching for me? Would they give up on me?

"Here we are!"

We were standing in front of a cave. It was kind of inside a big, tall mountain.

"We are at the moment hiding in this volcano. Cool, huh?"


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