Changed (Sasori fanfiction)

I used to sit beside him. I used to look at him. I used to....   Whatever you think of him, how scary or powerful he is, he is just the one that sat next to me in the lessons, and will always be.


1. Chapter 1

I have loved the character Sasori so much, but bad that he died so easily in the episodes. Therefore I decided to continue writing from where he died...

This is just the prologue, so I decided to make it short.

Enjoy! :)


Chapter 1

I hurried. I ran as fast I could through the woods. He must be here, somewhere! I know he is, he must be! I looked around. No sign of anything. Running through the forest... 

What a wonderful moonshine. Full moon? 

There! The river, the place. Those puppets... 

 I slowly searched for him. Where was he? Hundreds of dolls... None of them. Suddenly I saw it, there he was...

( Sasori's POV)

Suddenly I somehow got back. Wasn't I killed? Granny Chiyo... Sakura? Right? I looked around, walls. So I am in the middle of a room on a... Operation bed? 

I sat up rubbing my neck, feeling that it was kind of out of state and didn't work very well and suddenly noticed a girl standing in front of the bed, her back facing me. The long, blonde hair that went down to her knees, her peaceful, white long sleeved dress. 

"So you're awake?" 

"Who are you?"

"Don't you remember?"


There was something known about her, as if I've met her somewhere. Somehow. 

"You really don't remember me Sasori? Or may I call you Sori?"

I suddenly froze, it was her. How could it be? It was not possible.... No, she was dead. This is impossible. This is a dream!

She turned around and looked straight into my eyes. I was wrong. It was her. Her face, her eyes, her hair...


Well, like it?

May be a bit confusing, but decided to start this way because I thought it might be a bit cool.

Vote and comment please! ^^

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