life after death

hi this is my first story so please bear with me. im trying hard. his is about a ghost who ,after braking up with his boyfriend, narly gets killed by ghost hunters. i hope you enjoy!!


1. dear diary...

The streets were quite busy today in the town square, with last minuet shoppers hurrying to catch the shops before closing. Have you ever noticed that if your having a bad day or your really upset he world just carries on?

I looked up from my diary as i notice the other people at the bus stop gathering there possions together. the bus was coming around the corner.

Like that family over there; the mother carrying her bags and putting some in her buggy as her son whizzed in front of her on his power rangers scooter. both as happy as can be. both oblivious to my problems. back to my problems, i had an argument with cole this morning. i think he's cheating on me. but i should have seen it comeing. someone with his looks and position could never be faithful; not truly. then the argument escalated and i went on to say how he's always working. and he wouldnt give me a straight answer so...

 "beep!" the boy had fallen off his scooter and was crying for his "mummy". He was in the middle of the road with a large bus hurtling towards him! his mothers face was a mask of  horror as she realised what was aboult to happen. i will not let it happen.

Instinctively, i jumped up and sprinted through the traffic and became physical next to the child; scooped him into my arms and legged it to the oppisite side of the road. As soon as i arrived the boy was grabbed from me and placed into his mothes arms. She hugs him deserting the bags and as she turned to thank me i became unphysical again and glanced over to the road. The scooter lay in a mangled pile.

i sould probably explain something; i am a ghost and are over four-hundred and fifty years old and let me tell you death is not that painful. its life that hurts! and of course he afterllife is too. my ex is a ghost too and he is the head of a large organisation of ghosts called "the soldiers of divine", sod for short. divine is the place you go afteer you die; and just let me tell you its no heaven! you then stay there until you get your last dream. this is when you get analysed to see if you ave any unfinished business. if you do your sent back to earth as a ghost. the problem is that once you leave and become a ghost you instantly foget what your unfinished business is, however every night  you vistit divine in a dream state to recharge your powers (to recharge your powers you cling on to the gate of divine. it sounds simple but the bars are burning hot. only the strongest can hold on for more than a minuet.) and get clues.

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