for Gabrielle.. a fellow phangirl and part of the phamily


1. One life

Recently on twitter i have been following anyone who is part of the phandom (if you dont know the phandom is the fans of Amazingphil and Danisnotonfire). unfortunatley there it two of them that will never follow back. Gabrielle, she loved Dan and Phil and seemed normal until a few weeks ago when she seemed a bit depressed on twitter. I dont know her personally and we never spoke but she was part of the 'phamily' and everyone cares for eachother.. well most people anyway. She started tweeting about how she just wanted to die and end it now. Everyone was tweeting about how much they loved and cared for her and im sure Phil and Dan would have done too if he had found out what some of his fans were doing to themselves not that they dont care for their fans anyway. No one actually knows if she is alive or not but tweets from certain people suggested that she may not longer be with us.

Im writing this because like I said to Gabrielle all life is precious, everyone is beautiful and everyones life is worth living cos you know what they say YOLO. In all seriousness everyone has flaws, be honest everyone at some point in their life has been not happy with something about themselves. If you are reading this,(hi) and you are deprssed or not happy with who you are just remember that you are beautiful on the inside and on the outside and im not just talking to girls. Everyone has flaws and everyone has to deal with them. you are you, you were made to be who you are and you cant change that because that is who you are it is unique and beautiful. Oh and stuff like 'cut for Beiber' sorry but thats just daft. Fine if you like Justin Beiber you can like him but harming yourself for someone else who probably doesnt know you exist?!

Anyway for you Gabrielle and anyone else who has or thought about ending your life. you are amazing and beautiful,cared for and loved. Stay strong because you are worth it!

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