jls my best friends

jls one direction the saturdays and a new famous person in celebritys


1. amazing house

All this started in the x factor I was singing there, I was practising because it was the last day. My best friends Hannah and Terri were very nervous because they wanted me to win.

¬What if I don`t win? I said.

¬you will don`t worry- Terri said, it was the time that I was next to Sophie, and then they shouted my name. I was so emotional in tears that they told me that 3 biggests groups were in a house waiting for me, we were going to stay in that house 3 months, I was kind of weird because my friends were jumping around me. They were screaming that 1 Direction might be there aswell.I thought that The Saturdays might be there aswell.Got to the house it was beutiful and there they were One Direction,The Saturdays aAnd JLS,when I got there I couldn't stop staring at Aston Merrygold ,he was kind of cute, and I like his smile. Hannah was waving her hand in front of my face because I was away with the fairies.Terri started shouting out that I was already in love and I only got through the door.



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