Amber never believed in the supernatural things that her grandfather had believed in. She had always thought her grandfather was crazy. But she meets Niall Horan who is one of the five boys from One Direction. Amber suspects that Niall has been hiding a secret from her and determined to find out, she follows him to his home. An abandoned mansion. She soon finds out about the boys' secret and believes they're as crazy as her grandfather. 3 years later, Amber is out of high school and runs into Niall once again. Their love for each other re-kindles, but she is left with the decision to stay human or become one of them.

*Disclaimer: The boys are not human... not in this story at least.


1. A New Friend

Amber's P.O.V.

I swear my grandfather was crazy. At a young age, he had always believed in the myths about vampires. "Grandpa, they don't exist. No one believes in those myths." I told him. I had been living with my grandfater since I was tweleve years old. My parents died in a car accident a few days after my birthday. I didn't have any siblings either, but my grandpa had always kept me company.

Now I was seventeen and a Senior in high school. I've learned a lot in the last five years and listened to the stories my grandfather told me. "Amber, you will never be able to tell if someone is a vampire. They walk amongst us in the daylight because back in the olden days..." He trailed off, rambling onto another stories of a time when vampires came out at night since the sun harmed them.

"I'd love to stay and listen grandpa, but I have to go to school. I'll see you later." I grabbed my bag, car keys, and headed out the door. I parked my car in the parking lot and finally I was able to breathe. I got out of the car and walked towards the school.

"That's crazy!" Katie said. Katie had been my best friend since kindergarten and my friend Ashley since sixth grade. "Does your grandfather really believe vampires exist?" Ashley asked. I just shrugged and said, "I'm just guessing it's old age. I mean, who knows what he's thinking about in that head of his."

My friends and I were seated at our desk in homeroom. It was nice to see them after a long weekend. I really needed it. The last-minute bell rang and a blond haired boy entered the room. He had the bluest eyes I've ever seen. "Sorry I'm late. I'm new and I'm trying to figure out where all the classes are." He apologized to our homeroom teacher, Ms Peterson.

"I won't count your tardy against you." she smiled. Ms Peterson was one of the meanest teachers at school. It was obvious that she didn't like most of the students in our class, except for me. I was always nice to her. The blond boy smiled, "Thanks." He took his seat in an empty desk a few rows behind me. I was afraid to look back and only see his blue eyes. I was still mesmerized by that smile of his.

Finally the bell rang and I quickly walked out of the room. "Why are you in such a hurry?" Katie asked, catching up to me at my locker. "I wanted to be on-time for my next class." I said. Ashley gave me a small nudge and looked in one direction down the hallway.

"Hey." I heard a voice appear to my left. I looked and saw that it was that new guy. "Hi." I smiled. My heart was racing against my chest. I admired his features and thought Why does he look so young? "Would you mind showing me to my next class?" he asked.

I nodded, taking his schedule from him when he held it out to me. I looked it over a few times before seeing we had three classes together--English, History, and Trigonometry. I handed his schedule back to him. "Looks like we have History together. I'm headed there now." I told him.

He smiled, "Great. I'm Niall."


Niall's P.O.V.

Moving around sucked which meant I had to start all over in a new place. I've gone to twenty-seven different high schools, four colleges, and had two jobs. That proves I had nothing else to do with my time. Unfortunately for me, my time was eternal. The guys and I arrived in a new city where I applied for the high school there.

Today was my first day. It was my first day and I was all ready late. Fantastic. I thought to myself in my mind. I quickly got in my car and drove to the school's parking lot. As soon as I got out of the car, I got my schedule and headed to the first class which took me a while to find.

The last-minute bell rang and I entered the room. Everyone was seated at their desk. "Sorry I'm late. I'm new and I'm trying to figure out where all the classes are." I apologized to the teacher. "I won't count your tardy against you." she smiled. She seemed like a very nice woman, but from the inaudible whispers of the students, she was mean.

"Thanks." I smiled and took a seat a few rows behind a girl. Moments later, the bell rang and the girl walked out of the room. It looked like she was in a hurry to get somewhere. I hoped that she wasn't trying to avoid my gaze or anything. I just wanted to see if she was beautiful or not.

I walked out of the classroom and down the hallway. I saw the girl from homeroom talking with her friends. "Hi." I said after walking up to her. "Hi." She smiled. Wow she looked incredible. She had brown hair and green eyes. It was her eyes that captured me. They were kind and I've never experienced a moment like this in a long time.

"Would you mind showing me to my next class?" I asked.

She nodded, taking my schedule as I held it out to her. I kept my focus on her. For a strange reason, I was drawn to her. Everything about her seemed to pull me in and made me want more. Her scent, her kindess, and those eyes. She handed me back my schedule. "Looks like we have History together. I'm headed there now." she told me.

I smiled, "Great. I'm Niall."


God that name was beautiful. It was the most beautiful name I've ever heard in my life time. "C'mon, I don't to be late." She let out a giggle, gently touching my arm as she walked down the hallway in the direction of our class. I followed along beside her and tried my best to have a conversation with her.

I wondered if she was just as nervous as I was. "Where did you move from?" she asked me once we got into the class and sat down in our seats. "I've lived everywhere. My family likes to move around every so often. I do have a lot of friends though, but only some I can actually trust." I said.

"Do you want to sit with my friends and I at lunch?" she asked.

I smiled, "Yeah, sure. If your friends don't mind."

"They won't mind. They like meeting new people." she smiled.

Amber's P.O.V.

History class turned out to be more fun than I expected. Niall always kept me talking when we were working in pairs together. The bell rang and we went our separate ways to our next class, after I showed him the way. He thanked me, turning towwards another direction.

"What did you two talk about in History?" Katie asked me.

Katie and I both had Drama together. It's ironic because we both try and stay out of 'actual' drama created by girls in the hallway. I shrugged, "Nothing interesting. I just wanted to get to know him, that's all."

"Did he say where he was from?"

"He said he moved around a lot. Also, his name is Niall."

"Interesting name. He sounds hot, but I totally understand that he's yours. He's hardly my type." At least I know that there's no going to be competition between friends, but I wasn't so sure about that. Ashley and I have liked the same guys ever since we became friends. That's how we met anyway, over a guy.

I could not stop thinking about Niall. Thinking of him distracted me from trying to accomplish any task that I needed. The bell rang for lunch and we all sat at our usual table. "Guess what!?" Ashley said when we were all seated. We looked at her and asked, "What?"

"Niall's in my Physics class. We were doing this worksheet and he so smart. He's cute too." she smiled.

Niall entered the cafeteria and I caught him looking my direction. I looked away when I felt hotness in my cheeks. I was blushing. Within minutes he was at our table and asked if he could join us. "Sure." Katie smiled as I looked at her. She moved over to have Niall sit beside me. I was going to kill her for this.

"Hey Ashley, let's go outside." Katie suggested.

"I want to stay." Ashley whined.

Katie grabbed Ashley's arm and pulled her towards the doors that led outside. "Sorry about them." I said, playing with my hands. I didn't know whether to place them on the table or in my lap. It was a difficult decision. "It's okay. You're still nervous when you talk to me?" A smirk formed on his face.

"It's not that I'm nervous. It's... complicated."

"Amber, I understand complicated. You just have to tell me what's on your mind." he said.

Well, I had two things on my mind. I picked one of them. "Well, I'd like for us to be friends. I hope that's not too much to ask of you." I said. Also, my grandfather believes that vampires exist. Yes, I know, he's crazy but it's true. Niall smiled, "Sure, of course we can be friends."

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