Another bieber love story

All Justin wants is to be normal but he gave up his normal. Justin wants a girl to love he thinks he go to New York just to find some girl will justin meet this girl named emily


1. On my way home

Justin's point of view 

Ok we'll I'm Justin bieber as u all know me the famous Justin all I want is to be a normal teen.I wish I didn't have to go on tour all the times but I love my FANS without them I wouldn't be where I am today.Well here's what's going on I have to go to school because my mom and my manager think I need a brake from the fame which I do so I'm flying back to Canada to go back to high school. "Justin" I hear my mom say I look over at her and she says it time to get on the bus I sigh and say "ok mom" so I get up out of my couch and my dressing room an grab my iPhone an my head phones and put on my fave song daylight by maroon5 and I walk out to the bus.Scooter tell me I need to get rest it's a long drive to Canada so I lock my iPhone and lay on my bunk bed when I get a text from Ryan 


text convo

ryan-hey Justin 

justin- sup what's going on

ryan-just bored waiting till tomorrow 

justin-well sorry man I gotta go talk tomorrow

ryan -night jay 




Ok that's all I'm writing for no i promise It will get better please like and favorite thanks I will

try to update tomorrow thanks .btw this is my first story so I'm not that good at writing sorry 

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