In the Sky cont.

In the Sky cont. Izalla meets up with her dad and we are introduced to a new character. The mystery slowly unfolds.


1. In the Sky cont.

The question kept going round and round in her head. She didn’t know how it happened and she decided that it didn’t matter, the train had arrived. She picked up her bag and walked out of the train, she didn’t even notice the gap between the train and the platform. She always had, it had been her area of space before entering the confinement of the train. She looked around for her dad, but she couldn’t see him beyond the crowd of people. Suddenly, big arms wrapped around her and she froze, until she heard his voice

“Hey, Izalla, good train ride?”

Izalla immediately relaxed, she knew him well enough that if she turned around and shouted at him, he would look so sorry and then she would feel guilty. So, she didn’t move. Instead she just put her hands on his forearms and said quietly,

‘Hey, Dad, the ride was fine. Can we go eat? I’m hungry.’ Her dad laughed and released her. Her hand small hand slipped into his, and they started walking towards the shopping centre. As she walked behind her dad, she felt all her troubles fade into the far corners of her mind.

Her dad walked through the crowds like a god, everyone moved to let him pass, that’s was just how big he was. And she, his loyal daughter trailing behind him, she wondered what people thought of them. He had short dark brown hair while her hair was honey blond. But what really contrasted was their size, he was a giant, built up muscle from his job as a construction worker and she was small and lithe, her legs long and thin, her mother called them model legs, she called them dumpling sticks.

Outside the train station was the shopping centre, the name had faded over the years. Her dad always took her here before they went home for the weekend. There was big coffee shop with really comfortable sofas and in the corner were two armchairs pushed together at an angle. And somehow, every time Izalla had been there with her dad they were free. She went to grab the chairs while he got the drinks and food, she always had the same while he changed his mind all the time so he ordered and she saved the chairs.

Izalla sat down on the chair and put down her bag, but then something on the floor caught her eye. It looked like the flower on the train, except this one was different. It seemed to have been stamped onto the tile; it was shaped more like a butterfly. She looked at it more closely, there was something on it, suddenly the room started to shake, but as she looked out of the window, Izalla could tell. It was not the room, it was ground itself. Once again, she felt her fingertips brush the hieroglyph, and then it seemed the world had gone into slow motion. The ground started to rebalance; people who had been falling were being pulled by some invisible force and were being righted. And then, Izalla lifted her fingers off the hieroglyph. Whoosh! The room was in chaos, spilt coffee and overturned chairs were all around her, except for her corner. Her corner was all fine, nothing was out of place. Her father came rushing towards her and she started to reassure him that she was fine.

He was finally convinced and went to collect their tray, Izalla immediately looked down to the floor but the hieroglyph, the butterfly had flown away. Just then, her dad came back and she was pulled into a conversation about her mother and the new man of the house who she didn’t like.

As Izalla was talking to her father about life at home, there was someone else looking for the butterfly. He pressed the flower to the tile and the butterfly came fluttering towards it. Snap! His phone took the photo and the hieroglyph disappeared, saved onto his phone. He thanked modern technology, it used to be so much harder when all he had to work with was stone and stone, actually parchment and ink and a quill had been much worse. His fingers had always been stained. Kain stood up and left the coffee shop, he looked up at the sky, and smiled. While everyone saw a blue sky and clouds, he saw a blank canvas with bunches of modeling material. He wondered what would be next, a giraffe or a clown’s shoe. Maybe it would be both. It was all up to Izalla.

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