Do you even love me?

An 11 year old girl named Kayla is forced to face the fact that her mother is unfit to care for her and her brother. She is now to move in with her father she rarely sees. When they do they attempt to get her brother, but have some trouble proving it since he's younger and can't choose who to live with. Do they get him to a safe environment or does he have to stay with his mother? Read 2 find out.


1. Don't be late!

"Kayla, wake up!" What time is it? Oh no, 6:00! I over slept again! I sit up to see my brother, Tyler, at the foot of my tiny bed. "Are you ready for the bus?" I ask "not completely, I need breakfast and to brush my teeth." Was my answer. Ugh, why does he have to get sick if he doesn't eat in the mornings. "Ok, I'll be out in a minute and ill fix you something then" I said. "But that'll take forever."He groaned. "Your a girl and you have to take 20 minutes in the shower then take 30 more minutes in the bathroom putting on makeup to try to look pretty but...""GET OUT!" I shouted. He then slammed my door with a frightened look on his face. I know it's kinda bad but I enjoy that look. It makes me feel like I'm in control, even though I'm pretty sure most of the time  I'm not. I mean, I don't even know where our mother is half of the time. I am now glad that I take the time to sit out my cloths every night before I go to bed. After I get dressed I fix Tyler a bowl of cereal (we practically live of off this stuff) and he pretty much devours it. I don't eat breakfast. It messes up the rest of the days meals. If I do I'm not hungry at lunch so I don't eat and by the end of the day I'm starving and eat several bowls of cereal and get in trouble because milks expensive. Where my mother messes up on that complaint is we use food stamps. She'll use any excuse she gets to get mad at me. We get out to the bus just in time. Our bus driver notices that we've just got out to the stop and says, "I come at 6:55 every day. You should be out here at least 5 minutes before In case I'm early. Ok?" "Yes ms. Mitchell" we both reply. Then were off to my favorite place in this town... school.

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