Where's Mummy?

Harry Styles has just gotten his new beautiful baby daughter, Darcy. Too bad his wife Diana died giving birth to Darcy. Now as Harry is raising his daughter all by himself he's focused on keeping the past in the past, but as he tries to forget as much about Diana as possible he starts seeing her, but the real problem is what is Harry going to say when Darcy will ask "Where's mummy?"


1. Losing My Wife


 A/N This whole story will be taking place in only Harry's P.O.V


    Quietly I sat through the screaming. My child was just about to be brought to this world. 

"Mr. Styles?" the nurse questioned looking at me. 


"Yes, that's me," I responded shaking her hand. 


"Well your wife is having a few difficulties with delivering your child, so she is going to have to get a C-section," she informed. 


"Is she going to be alright?" I asked feeling concern fill my body. 


"Mr. Styles, I am almost positive she'll be in top shape," the nurse reassured me and I nodded. I sat in a chair that was in the hospitals lobby just waiting to see my beautiful baby girl. Hours and hours past when finally the nurse walked into the lobby and had a smile upon her face. I stood up from my seat and grinned brightly, I knew that my daughter had arrived. "Follow me," the nurse said growing an even brighter smile. I walked down to the operation room to see that the doctors were still patching up Diana and looked to the side and saw my newborn baby. I cried from the happiness. "Would you like to hold her?" the nurse asked. 


   "Yes, please," I sniffled. I took my daughter in my arms and she felt so soft as her bassinet was wrapped around her. I smiled at my lovely little girl. The main doctor throughout the whole delivery process signaled the nurse to walk towards him. He whispered something to her and the smile left her face instantly. She turned around and walked to me. 

 "Mr. Styles, please come with me," she said. I gave my daughter back to the other nurse in the room and followed the other nurse out of the room.


  "What's going on?" I questioned with my happiness leaving me and the concern returning. 


"I'm sorry." was all she could say. I was confused for a moment then I knew. I knew I had just lost my wife. 


       I cried for many months after I lost Diana. I remember when I saw her motionless body, the body that had lost too much blood to keep on surviving. I remember how pale she looked. I sat in my room of the house I bought with Diana.


 "Daddy!" my daughter Darcy yelled from the doorway.


 "Darcy, didn't I just put you to bed?" I asked going over to pick up my three year old daughter. She shook her head trying to get out of any trouble. I lifted my left eyebrow. 

"I had a nightmare, can I sleep here with you?" she asked. I placed her on my bed. 


"Of course you can, Kitten," I said. She pulled the blanket over her body and I tucked her in and then placed myself next to her. I switched of the light on my nightstand and turned my face to Darcy. 


"Daddy, where's mummy?" Darcy questioned. 


'She's gone, kitten," I said quietly. I tried to tell Darcy the least bit of information about Diana, I didn't need her to get sad. 


"Where did she go?" Darcy asked. I sighed trying to hold back the tears I had locked up inside my eyelids. 


"It's a place far, far away from here," I said. "Now I need you to go to sleep, alright kitten?" I said with a bit of a stern voice. Once I knew that Darcy was fully asleep I walked down into the kitchen and got myself a glass of milk. 


"As much as you push me away, I'm never gone," a faint voice said. I turned around to see nothing, I guessed that maybe it was because of my imagination. "She deserves to know the truth," the voice said once again. I jumped dropping the glass to the floor causing it to break and spill the milk everywhere. 


"Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?!" I yelled but not too loud to wake up Darcy. 


"As I recall the house papers say that this house belongs to the both of us," the voice once again said. I turned to the side to see a person standing there in a black skin tight dress. I blinked my eyes a few times before realizing that it was Diana, it was her, her brown wavy locks and her diamond blue eyes were really standing out. 


"Di-Di-Diana?" I stuttered feeling surprised. 


"Take a seat, Harry," she said pointing to the dining room table. I didn't hesitate as I began to make my way to the table. Diana pulled up a chair by me and sighed. "Why won't you tell Darcy about me, Harry?" she asked. I looked her on the eyes. "She deserves to know why she won't have a mother around for the rest of her life," 

'I just can't seem to be able too," I said sniffling. 


"Why not, Harry, just talk to me," the tone she was using made me miss her even more than I already did. 

"I can't talk about you because it hurts to think about all these memories we shared over the years, and Darcy is really sensitive so if she finds out that you died during birth,she'll think that she killed you," I explained. 

"Well Harry, you can't just assume that she would think that, she's only three, unless that's what you think, is it?" Diana crossed her arms. 


"N-n-no," I stuttered showing that I was lying. 


"I knew it," she spat. "Listen, I love you so, so much, but if I had lived, Darcy would have died, you're going to have to realize that sooner or later," Diana said. I nodded. I blinked once and there was no more Diana. What just happened? Am I going insane?

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