scrap book

Anna was in love with this boy that rocked her world and she was the center of his world. but at only 18 she need a heart transplant. so she gets the transplant but notice he is gone. she thinks he just left her. but she does not know the hole story. 2 years later she is moving out of of her little apartment with her friend Elinor. and when she goes throw a box and her closet and finds a scrap book of the memories they had together. and will she find out why he left at the end of the scrap book.*well you guys hope you like my story i will try to post a new chapter very Wednesday if not then Thursday* *p.s. the boy she is dating is niall*


1. time to pack up the memories

Anna come here help me pack!!!!!!!!!!! Elinor yells loudly, so i walk into the kitchen and see her very dirty with boxes every where. i look at her with a smile and said what do you need help with? first pack the bathroom, then the laundry room, and last your room got it. i node and head to the bathroom to pack. when i go under the sink i see the razors he left behind, even though i want to throw the away, i pack them cause they still smell like him.i finish packing the bathroom so i head the the laundry . i start to pack the clothes, and find all of his clothes. even though i don't need it i keep it for old tie sake. its like i know hes gone but he is still here cause he did not take one thing with him when he left. oh how i miss niall. he was the love of my life if only he stayed. when im done packing that room, then i go to my bed room. its a mess in here. its like a bomb exploited in here. i start to pack all of my stuff and all of his stuff. i keep the just in case he comes back.  i go to my closet and start to pack. i start to pack every thing. his shoes. my shoes. the rest of his clothes. the rest of my clothes. till it became empty. well almost empty. there was a box with a lot of dust back in the corner. i pick it up and open it. then the tears come. the box i have been looking for so long i have found. on the cover of the box it says Niall and Annas memories box. as i look at the photos of of us i see our scrap book. as i open it up and see every thing we did together i think about why he would of left. did i say something that pulled the last straw. as i flip though the pages i start to remember every thing. so i go back to the first page and see the first photo the photo the time that started it all. the first time we met.............................................................. 

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