Head In The Sky(Chapter 2)

Life is becoming very Strange for Izalla, no one minds a thing, thinking it's Izalla the girl whose head is in the clouds, but is it really.


1. Head In The Sky

Izalla sits on the train, biting her lip nervously, she looked at herself in the mirror and there it was the hieroglyphics, on her right cheek. She tried covering it with makeup, and then pushed her hair to cover the mark. She had to find her dad, she just had to. He was the only one who could help her. She leant her head in the window, and then stared up at the clouds; suddenly the clouds formed a message.

We are coming.

She blinks her eyes; suddenly the clouds were one as it was before, fluffy white pillows. When Izalla was younger she thought they were made of candyfloss, and had always dreamed to taste them. Izalla began to flutter her eyes close, maybe a few hours sleep would do her some good. She began dreaming, of her father. He had left, when she was seven, nine years ago, before he had known that her mother had cancer. Just a few months ago, her mother had died suddenly, leaving Izalla all alone, her mother’s last words were

"Go to your father Izalla, he knows what to do, and trust nobody."

Izalla held her necklace tightly. In her dream, she was a little girl running to her daddy, but as she got closer, she saw her fathers form change to a monster. She screamed. Suddenly she was shook awake. Izalla fluttered her eyes open, panting deeply, beads of sweat trickles down her face; she wipes them, and then looks to see the person who had woke her up. A young girl about the age of nine, who had lovely shiny brown ringlets and dark fern like green eyes, looked at her curiously.

"Can I sit here." the girl asked politely, gesturing beside Izalla.

"Sure of course, Where's your parents?" Izalla asked.

"Dead." the girl answered.

"I'm so sorry." I apologize.

"It's ok, I killed them" the girl replied.

"Oh, what!" I exclaimed.

Did I just here just what I thought I heard, that this girl killed her parents. My blood ran cold. I looked at the girl scared stiff.

"Here have this" the girl mumbled, handing me a necklace

I looked at the necklace; it was beautiful gold, a pendant with the hieroglyphics on it, the same hieroglyphics on my cheek.

"What, where did you get this from?" Izalla asked, looking up from the necklace.

Suddenly the girl was gone; all that remained of her was the necklace in Izalla hand. Izalla stood up, and then began looking for the girl.

"Miss, are you looking for anything" the man asked.

Izalla looked up to see the train guard, he looks at her curiously. He had brown curly hair, wide brown eyes, and a moustache. He looked at Izalla, like she was crazy.

"A little girl" Izalla began to say.

"What, have you lost your child" the man asks.

"No, there was a little girl with brown ringlets, and dark green eyes, she was about nine" I continue.

"Are you sure, your not dreaming, I haven't seen any girl like that today" the man answered.

Dreaming, why did everyone think she was dreaming? She was not dreaming.

Why could she see things that no one else did?

"I'm not lying, look she gave me this" Izalla exclaimed, showing him the necklace.

The man looked at it, his eyes widen, and he stared at Izalla with fear. He trembled with fear, then opened his mouth wide, staring at Izalla, scared.

Why would this man be scared of the hieroglyphics?

What was going on?

"What is it?" Izalla asked.

Whatever it was, Izalla didn't expect the next five words that came out of the man's mouth.

"They are coming for You."

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