Crazy Life: A 1D FanFiction

Life is crazy for Jessica and Louis (BF and GF). They have two twins Isabelle and Jacob. There are so many things happening in their home, babies crying, Louis' parents were over for 2 weeks, and more that you will have to read about. Read to see the "shocking" out come.


1. Our Little Family

*Louis' Pov*

*The day of twins birth**


              Jessica just gave birth to both the twins. Jackson is older by 2 minutes. They are both so adorable. I can't believe they are mine. I got to hold Isabelle first. She had a little pink hat on, socks on her hands and feet, and a onesie on. She had Jessica's lips and nose. She was a little angel. Then I got to hold Jackson. He had a little blue hat on with socks on his hands too. And of course with his cute onesie. In 2 days Jessica could come home with our angels.

*Jessica's Pov*

        I was so excited that we were able to bring the twins home. I have been waiting for this. I'm so glad that Lou loves them as much as i do. We are so blessed to have two little angels.

*Louis' Pov*

        There was paparazzi everywhere the day we were taking the kids and jessica home. I asked them to make a pathway and to not be loud because the kids were sleeping. When Jessica and the kids came out people started to whisper and we saw non stop flashing. We finally got to our car and drove away. Jessica and I started to make plans about when people could visit and all of that good stuff.


                  I hoped u liked! Next chapter coming very soon! PLZ follow i follow back!




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