Things happen for a reason

Katelyn is a normal girl but some things have changed in her life. Katelyn and Niall have been together a long time. What happenes when Darren comes back


1. Daren

"Darren stop it!!" I yelled . He slapped me." Oh shut up you little cow!"he yelled . "No ill just keep fighting and always trying to get away from you !" I screamed." We'll you can't get away from me when your tied up can you now!" He said as he punched me repetitively over and over.i screamed out with pain and fell to tithe floor." Now stay there bitch!" He yelled." Oh and DI you hear that one direction are coming to town tmorrow?! You can go run to your precious  Niall!" He mocked "you can tell him were getting married!" He spat at me spitefully. I hate him. I'd rather die than live with him

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