From a normal persons point of view, Tom is just your average 16 year old boy. But to his associates, he is the key to getting rich.


1. Traitor

Tom could feel his heart thumping as he darted through the undergrowth and away from his pursuers. It was as if he was a rabbit getting chased by wild, hungry dogs, but to them it was just another traitor hunt, similar to the ones that Tom used to participate in, but this time he knew the chase was on him. Tom also knew that the forest stretched on for kilometers and that he would soon run out of breath. At this point Tom started to panic; what would happen if they caught him, what would they do to him? No, he told himself, getting caught was not an option, he hadn't been caught before and he wasn't going to get caught now. And then, as if it was a gift from heaven, he noticed a place to hide from his hunters, a large oak tree that had fallen down and without a thought of whether or not it was good enough to conceal himself, he leaped over it and lied among the rotting leafs. In the short moment in which everything seemed peaceful and quiet, Tom’s adrenaline was higher than ever before, his thoughts of doubt invading his mind like locusts on a field of crops. And it was this adrenaline that tempted Tom into the job he did best. Thieving.

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